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Fusion Red to Monyash via Youlgreave

Cycling Route

41.51 mi
3,798 ft
Created By
Jonathan C

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Dronfield - Holmesfield0.79 mi112 ft2.5%
Holmesfield Hill0.36 mi118 ft6.1%
Cartledge Ln Rbt to Owler Bar Rbt1.74 mi171 ft1.7%
Flat Corner to Robin Hood Climb0.40 mi102 ft4.6%
quick out of the bend and keep the guns going1.10 mi46 ft0.6%
Owler Bar to top of Baslow Descent1.51 mi59 ft0.2%
Owler Bar Baslow Descent4.15 mi-656 ft-2.9%
Owner to fox ln2.50 mi-226 ft-1.5%
Take the Bike Because... (BMW's Are Shit!)0.82 mi33 ft0.6%
Over the top1.45 mi-174 ft-2.0%
Tractor Help0.55 mi-23 ft-0.4%
Sweet spot0.34 mi-105 ft-5.7%
Eyes left for the Manx Calamity0.49 mi-26 ft-0.9%
Baslow Bump0.11 mi-7 ft-1.0%
Rymas Brook to Chatsworth Top1.83 mi164 ft1.2%
Buston Wood Climb0.42 mi115 ft5.1%
Wind it up for the Golf club to triangle sprint0.35 mi-56 ft-3.0%
Chatsworth south0.39 mi112 ft5.3%
Google Ride25 Sprint0.90 mi-20 ft-0.2%
Beeley to Rowsley1.03 mi-39 ft-0.1%
Long Rake Climb1.69 mi456 ft5.1%
Monyash straight sprint0.41 mi-115 ft-5.3%
Monyash Drop0.33 mi-118 ft-6.6%
last sprint to Hassop0.69 mi-36 ft-1.0%
DIG IN!0.21 mi66 ft5.7%
Last kicker before Calver0.26 mi56 ft4.1%
Charge to Calver0.76 mi-203 ft-5.0%
Calver Drop0.21 mi-62 ft-5.6%
Test segment0.87 mi102 ft1.6%
New Rd Sprint0.26 mi52 ft3.7%
Main Road Grindleford Drop0.29 mi-75 ft-4.8%
Bridge to station turn0.52 mi167 ft6.0%
Nether Padley Climb2.18 mi663 ft5.7%
Up hill slog to Mr. Whippy0.47 mi177 ft7.0%
Grindleford Sprint 2 Top0.58 mi167 ft5.4%
Fox to Owl.2.42 mi-167 ft-0.7%
Fox 2 Stoney0.31 mi75 ft4.6%
Sprint Down Then Sprint Up0.98 mi-82 ft-1.1%
Froggat Summit to Owler TT1.61 mi-144 ft-1.6%
Top of the hill0.61 mi7 ft0.0%
Holmesfield Dash2.94 mi-433 ft-2.8%
Only for the brave0.29 mi-85 ft-5.4%
B&DCC TT last section1.66 mi-164 ft-1.5%
Owler Bar to Robin Hood0.80 mi-102 ft-1.1%
Holmesfield Express0.77 mi-105 ft-2.1%
Lidgate hill climb0.23 mi59 ft4.3%
JBL Power1.23 mi-200 ft-3.1%
Holmesfield Drop0.28 mi-82 ft-5.3%
Holmesfield to Donfield Woodhouse curves0.43 mi-33 ft-0.2%