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LGBRC Saturday Ride, Peet's Pick-up, Montebello, Redwood Gulch.

Cycling Route

45.88 mi
4,595 ft
Created By
Marshall Miller
December 22, 2022·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
McClellan: in and out0.29 mi-33 ft-0.3%
McClellan Hill Sprint0.09 mi26 ft5.2%
Monta Vista Park Sprint0.18 mi-20 ft-2.1%
Alpine to Alpine0.21 mi-23 ft-2.1%
Homestead to Montebello Grinder3.49 mi289 ft1.5%
Foothill - Offramp Light to Cristo Rey0.29 mi75 ft4.8%
Stevens Creek to County Park1.22 mi112 ft1.7%
Foothill Climb to Stevens Creek Reservoir 1.43 mi128 ft1.7%
Steven's Canyon Hill Sprint0.13 mi39 ft5.5%
Some Kinda Hill0.06 mi36 ft10.0%
Stevens Canyon - McClellan to Montebello1.60 mi131 ft1.4%
Montebello to School2.01 mi951 ft8.9%
Montebello to Picchetti0.57 mi276 ft9.1%
Montebello Mile 11.03 mi512 ft9.4%
montebello repeats0.30 mi171 ft10.6%
Montebello5.15 mi1,942 ft7.1%
Montebello - first hill0.12 mi69 ft11.1%
Montebello Peacock to 1st tight hairpin0.71 mi344 ft9.2%
Montebello Mile 22.95 mi991 ft6.4%
MontebelloSecondMile1.01 mi449 ft8.4%
Who go to School0.20 mi102 ft8.9%
Montebello: School to summit3.18 mi1,053 ft6.2%
Montebello Flat Middle0.91 mi125 ft2.6%
Montebello Top0.98 mi331 ft6.4%
MontebelloFourthMile1.02 mi404 ft7.5%
Montebello Last Mile0.98 mi384 ft7.4%
Montebello - Grind portion of last mile0.53 mi256 ft9.1%
THIS IS SPARTA!!!0.62 mi200 ft6.1%
Montebello "The Wall" with vineyards on right0.25 mi89 ft6.4%
Montebello descent5.09 mi-1,946 ft-7.2%
Watch for close overtakes by bad drivers0.18 mi20 ft2.1%
Use it or Lose It! Push!0.30 mi-43 ft-0.0%
Stevens Canyon Rd (Cal-Fire to Mt. Eden)0.65 mi43 ft0.1%
RWG uphill start-end3.25 mi945 ft5.3%
Stevens Canyon-Base RWG1.56 mi207 ft2.4%
Lower Redwood Gulch Rd1.03 mi-2,536 ft-0.0%
Redwood Gulch Climb (no DH at end) 1.19 mi682 ft10.8%
Redwood Gulch: the wall0.43 mi259 ft11.2%
Easiest part of RWG0.28 mi125 ft8.4%
RWG: When Wall 1 hits you0.18 mi151 ft15.9%
Try not to fall off backwards0.71 mi410 ft10.6%
RWG: Second Half0.70 mi381 ft10.2%
Hwy 9 Descent - Redwood Gulch Down to the Bridge2.24 mi-705 ft-5.9%
Hwy 9 Descent - Redwood Gulch to Sanborn1.46 mi-545 ft-7.0%
Hwy 9 Descent - Speed Trap0.25 mi-85 ft-6.5%
Pierce Rd Climb - Hwy 9 to Winery0.36 mi135 ft7.0%
Pierce DH - Winery to Mt. Eden0.62 mi-279 ft-8.4%
Don't brake!0.91 mi-157 ft-3.2%
Pierce Road Sprint0.41 mi-43 ft-1.3%
Marty's Sprint0.39 mi-26 ft-0.8%