Past Two Weeks

Short Route

Cycling Route

82.15 km
1,394 m
Created By
Robert Alderson
January 12, 2023·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cragg Vale (top half)4.08 km93 m2.3%
Tour de France end of Cragg0.59 km-3 m-0.2%
With a good tailwind :-)2.17 km-116 m-5.3%
Baitings Bridge Sprint Extended0.26 km12 m0.7%
A58 to Rishworth3.69 km-102 m-2.1%
Baitings Drag0.64 km35 m5.3%
Long Causeway Decent1.00 km-71 m-6.6%
Sprint Cause way 0.32 km21 m4.8%
Longer Causeway0.58 km31 m5.3%
Ripponden Bank 'The Steep Bit' 0.37 km39 m10.4%
Ripponden Bank, full distance.1.48 km128 m8.7%
Col Du Ripponden before the TDF crowd 0.76 km67 m7.7%
Butterworth End Climb0.51 km14 m2.8%
L33.80 km-164 m-4.2%
Donkey Bridge Sprint0.11 km3 m2.7%
Out of West Vale to Elland Bridge1.12 km-21 m-0.0%
climb0.27 km31 m11.4%
uphill bit after the crem'1.46 km18 m0.8%
Lake Side Sprint0.58 km7 m0.3%
Rooster Climb0.28 km6 m1.5%
Traffic Dodger0.64 km-11 m-0.2%
brighouse to rastrick lights 2.39 km115 m4.7%
Thornhill Rd Climb0.95 km49 m5.1%
2 mini roundabouts climb (Top Club to Greyhound)0.68 km36 m5.3%
Ainley's Climb1.61 km68 m4.2%
M62 Footbridge to Brighouse Rd0.90 km25 m2.6%
Round and Over0.61 km7 m0.4%
Over the top0.45 km-17 m-3.6%
New Hey Rd Climb1.89 km80 m4.3%
From Gate to Gate0.88 km19 m1.1%
Buckstones descent to Denshaw6.20 km-191 m-3.1%
rorroT noinO1.91 km-19 m-1.0%
Twisty sprinty bit0.59 km4 m0.2%
Twisty Bit2.07 km-109 m-5.2%
Pennine Bridleway - Denshaw Junction (DH)2.00 km-63 m-2.7%
Yamazaki to Linney1.08 km-52 m-4.7%
Beal lights to petrol lights0.38 km3 m0.2%
Crompton Golf Club0.45 km15 m3.2%
Roundabout to Rochdale Rd0.49 km-6 m-1.2%
Shaw to Newhey2.80 km-30 m-0.9%
To the bends1.22 km12 m0.2%
A663 Bucktones Rd to Newhey1.55 km-28 m-0.8%
Littleborough Arches to the WhiteHouse4.04 km226 m5.6%
Blackstone Edge4.45 km240 m5.4%
Arch to Corner2.56 km128 m5.0%
Moorcock to Whitehouse pub crawl.2.29 km154 m6.7%
Riding the rollercoaster0.62 km44 m7.2%
Blackstone Training Segment AE1.13 km83 m7.3%
To the Pub0.35 km20 m5.7%
Cragg Road to Business Park - MGD1.15 km19 m1.6%