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Past Month

CBRE Medium 70K

Cycling Route

71.07 km
990 m
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Zeus Events

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Esher Lights-Cobham5.49 km-25 m-0.3%
Esher Hills3.09 km-21 m-0.1%
Sprint to the flyover0.24 km6 m2.4%
M25 Fly over to Anyards Rd1.85 km-21 m-1.0%
ACS school to Cobham 1.87 km-21 m-1.0%
Farmille Lane to Elveden road0.58 km-7 m-1.2%
Plough Lane triangle to pink house1.46 km38 m2.5%
Ockham lane sprint from motorway0.32 km6 m1.5%
Ockham Lane Kicker0.81 km26 m3.2%
Crocknorth climb1.69 km85 m5.0%
Crocknorth0.74 km70 m9.3%
Crocknorth Rd Climb2.38 km87 m3.7%
Crocknorth Rd climb to Bridge0.47 km49 m10.4%
Crocknorth Wall0.36 km42 m11.5%
Turnaround to Critten1.63 km13 m0.1%
Whitedown Lane Downhill Full-TFPS1.86 km-115 m-6.2%
White Down Ln Ramp0.34 km7 m1.2%
Heartworks coffee legs0.31 km8 m1.1%
Abinger Common to Sheephouse Ln1.56 km48 m3.0%
Leith Hill descent2.90 km-120 m-4.1%
1970s porn star moustache0.33 km-20 m-6.0%
Coldharbour flat run to Dorking1.95 km-25 m-1.3%
Vincent Lane Sprint With R/H Corner0.46 km-14 m-3.0%
To the Old Dorking Deli0.59 km-16 m-2.7%
Denbies short sprint0.55 km-6 m-1.1%
Bradley Lane roundabout to Box Hill roundabout0.98 km-7 m-0.8%
Box Hill pre-climb0.36 km15 m4.0%
Box Hill 2.2k2.28 km120 m5.2%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No14 Box Hill2.46 km116 m4.7%
First stretch of Zig0.77 km62 m7.4%
Zig Zag Bottom half1.16 km62 m5.3%
Box Hill corner 20.26 km16 m6.1%
Boxy - Final Drag and Sprint1.26 km62 m4.9%
JJ'crazy box sprint0.24 km12 m5.1%
Avoid The Leaves0.72 km35 m4.8%
JJ crazy sprint II0.27 km19 m6.6%
Box Hill final push.0.80 km37 m4.6%
box sprint0.71 km33 m4.6%
In sight of the Car Park0.22 km-5 m-2.3%
Box Hill cake stop0.32 km18 m4.8%
Zig zag, the full descent2.46 km-132 m-5.1%
The long Zig DH0.82 km-75 m-8.6%
No Speed Bumps!!!!0.61 km-35 m-5.7%
A24-North-LastLeg1.55 km11 m0.3%
The Phoenix arises0.79 km-8 m-0.7%
Gimcrack Hill0.53 km11 m1.9%
Gimcrack Addict0.21 km14 m6.3%
Last kick before the sprint1.19 km14 m1.0%
sprint for the sign0.28 km11 m3.8%
Where's all the bare Esher riders at?0.33 km-6 m-1.8%