Bonecrusher 2022

Cycling Route

5.81 mi
768 ft
Created By
Landon Farnworth
February 11, 2023·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
2022 BONE CRUSHER XCO CAT 1/2 LAP5.60 mi243 ft0.0%
West Side1.05 mi92 ft1.6%
Revving the Engines0.35 mi72 ft3.8%
NICA madras climb1.81 mi200 ft2.1%
revving the engines + drop ride around0.61 mi75 ft1.4%
LoF Ride Around0.30 mi62 ft3.9%
PJ + JL0.90 mi-85 ft-0.8%
Puddle Jumper0.35 mi46 ft2.3%
Jump Line DH0.50 mi-79 ft-2.9%
Gut Punch0.30 mi118 ft6.8%
The Ravine DH0.35 mi-95 ft-5.1%
Medusa0.25 mi85 ft6.3%
Olympus0.70 mi-82 ft-0.8%
Cobra DH0.30 mi-85 ft-5.3%
bonecrusher climb up to white buffalo0.21 mi-56 ft-3.2%
bonecrusher final climb (to white buffalo)0.33 mi102 ft5.8%
Twin Snakes0.30 mi95 ft5.9%
White Buffalo 🦬0.26 mi-138 ft-9.8%
White Buffalo A0.20 mi-115 ft-10.4%
White Buffalo A & Bones0.47 mi-190 ft-7.7%
Wide Open0.25 mi-36 ft-1.4%
Home Run DH0.30 mi-33 ft-2.1%