IACC Ironbark

Cycling Route

57.31 km
836 m
Created By
Geoff Diamond

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
On very rare ocasions you get all the green lights3.14 km-13 m-0.1%
Don't run the red to get a good time1.07 km-8 m-0.2%
Take the bridge suffer the Rathmines1.23 km-7 m-0.1%
Station to Grange0.65 km-8 m-0.5%
go up till the up stops4.12 km73 m1.5%
GRANGE 2 LIVINGSTONE2.31 km29 m0.8%
Musette WC13 KOM 10.70 km27 m3.7%
Boulevard to Studley climb1.72 km49 m2.8%
Door Hazards0.29 km11 m3.7%
Dougharty to Kingsbury TT0.62 km9 m1.5%
Cherry St - DH0.46 km-32 m-6.8%
Harry pottage sprint0.24 km12 m4.8%
Wangan Street1.56 km27 m1.6%
Hakea Hollow to Crest of Crossing0.75 km46 m6.1%
Watsonia Skills Test0.47 km24 m4.4%
Macorna St footbridge to Greensy hwy underpass1.03 km-29 m-2.8%
Civic to Aqueduct1.49 km16 m0.7%
St Thomas to Baptist, Hallelujah ;)0.62 km-6 m-0.7%
The Old Windy Mile 1.53 km-54 m-3.5%
Punch into DC0.30 km15 m5.0%
Collins Street Humping0.14 km9 m6.1%
Panorama Avenue Climb (To Water Tower)0.57 km14 m1.6%
Bonds to roundabout0.97 km-63 m-6.4%
Join the horses and Pump one out6.85 km-91 m-1.3%
From the Hills to the River.1.93 km-70 m-3.6%
Long Pony from Rosehill or Bonds4.06 km-43 m-0.8%
The Hubbard KOM (Reverse the Roundabout)0.39 km-10 m-2.6%
1KM TT0.98 km-22 m-2.3%
Get to the Pony2.02 km37 m0.8%
Peak Cycles - Full Pony Club1.00 km40 m4.0%
NCC Bridge to Roundabout2.13 km44 m0.3%
Benchmark0.28 km13 m3.9%
Super Dooper Dip0.94 km-33 m-3.5%
Pak-si Roll1.56 km-41 m-2.7%
TdL Banyule Blast1.77 km31 m0.2%
Double Hump Camel0.94 km28 m3.0%
Peak Cycles - Banyule Rd Pinch0.43 km21 m4.9%
Almost at Peak...smell the coffee1.92 km-37 m-1.1%
BlackButt meets PCat1.33 km-38 m-2.6%
Peak Cycles - Sprint Finish0.39 km-4 m-0.9%
Peak Cycles - The Beverley Sprint0.17 km2 m0.8%
One last TWERK0.27 km3 m1.0%
Flats Full Steam Exit0.12 km8 m6.1%
Psych out wind up (don't run the lights!)0.60 km16 m2.6%
The Stud (Austin fly by)0.34 km16 m4.6%
Wavererley - Como Red Rooster Sprint1.17 km-37 m-1.7%
Rise of the Rooster0.16 km4 m2.4%
The Mill to Merri1.86 km-8 m-0.0%
Before Yarra Bend Road0.50 km-4 m-0.1%
Death Valley - Walk the plank0.35 km-3 m-0.7%