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RLSCC Bash - Kineton Reverse

Cycling Route

45.36 km
464 m
Created By
Ben Dodd

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Crossroads to the Brook1.03 km-10 m-0.9%
Harbury lane X roads to banbury Rd through Tachbrook3.10 km29 m0.6%
South Leam to Wellesbourne8.92 km-42 m-0.2%
Bishop's Tachbrook hill only0.32 km15 m4.8%
Tachbrook Climb from Brook to Exit of village0.58 km19 m3.0%
B4087 Oakley Wood to Wellesbourne5.27 km-28 m-0.5%
B4087 crem woods to Moreton Morrell turning2.56 km-21 m-0.3%
Newbold Pacey to Welly1.85 km-20 m-1.1%
Moretonberg T to T2.34 km57 m2.4%
Staple Hill House Sprint0.98 km5 m0.3%
Welly to Moreton Paddox T junction to T junction2.03 km57 m2.8%
'Moretonberg' Rawlinson Bracket 20151.56 km55 m3.5%
Wellesbourne to Moreton Paddox2.13 km57 m2.4%
Just the hill - Frizz's twin1.71 km61 m3.5%
Moreton Berg 3 minute test1.17 km49 m4.1%
Lighthorne Rd Up and Over 1.01 km-26 m-1.5%
Let's go to Kineton4.09 km-40 m-0.4%
Let's get aero!0.66 km-25 m-3.6%
Lighthorne turn to Kineton Bridge3.14 km-38 m-0.3%
Yardley Chase Rd Climb2.49 km-11 m-0.1%
Old garage to Radway turn4.29 km47 m1.1%
Kineton to Edge Hill3.86 km52 m1.3%
Edge Hill...1st section0.44 km30 m6.7%
Edge hill to 1st turning0.72 km71 m9.9%
Radway turn to Arlescote turn0.18 km20 m10.8%
Gosport grind2.47 km-42 m-0.9%
Careful of the bends2.17 km-39 m-1.7%
Blast out of Arlescote0.55 km-9 m-1.7%
Pete's Pub Sprint0.33 km7 m1.5%
Knightcote downhill blast1.28 km-15 m-1.2%
Knightcote Sprint1.95 km-20 m-0.6%
Knightcote Rd Bridge to Bishops 5.05 km-23 m-0.1%
Northend to Bishop's4.89 km-23 m-0.1%
2.5miles through Knightcote (bridge to sign)3.98 km-23 m-0.3%
Through the Farms to Bottoms Junction2.82 km18 m0.5%
Plough Lane Hill0.40 km16 m3.9%
Bish Itch to Chesterton Rd4.05 km-28 m-0.0%
Bishops Itchington to TT finish1.68 km18 m0.9%
Bishops Itchington To Fosse Way5.39 km-52 m-0.6%
Harbury to Fosse descent3.39 km-51 m-1.4%
Harbs to Chesterton 1.13 km-19 m-1.7%
Uphill Sprint0.51 km-5 m-0.2%
Harbury Lane from Fosse Way2.93 km19 m0.4%
Race to the hill top2.85 km18 m0.5%