61km Bike Fest Paarl 4th March

Cycling Route

59.18 km
2,130 m
Created By
Darren H
February 26, 2023·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SingleTrack to Rockgarden0.48 km-16 m-2.4%
Ridgeback Shortcut to Top of Climb6.17 km291 m4.7%
Owloon Purple Lite - Paarl Trails1.39 km54 m3.9%
Boulder City - Paarl Trails3.28 km170 m4.8%
Nutcracker2.73 km149 m5.4%
R44 Climb1.07 km88 m8.2%
Sementbult N->S0.78 km76 m9.7%
R44 Climb0.84 km81 m9.6%
Laaste stukkie!0.50 km64 m12.7%
2nd turn down to Krismas Camp4.11 km-119 m-2.9%
The Advocate.1.87 km-86 m-4.1%
The Advocate to gate1.82 km-81 m-3.9%
Skillie - Paarl Trails1.39 km100 m7.2%
Paarl DH Top Section (Start to Road Gap)0.50 km-58 m-11.5%
taal monument turn off to crossroads5.34 km152 m2.1%
SXSE - School Of Rock3.97 km150 m3.8%
3YO hill reps0.57 km30 m5.2%
Bergpad south4.02 km143 m3.5%
On Bosch St Climb1.43 km88 m6.2%
The Last Push0.33 km14 m4.3%
T - Booms0.54 km49 m9.0%
Boom up quick climb0.41 km30 m7.1%
Wow!!!!0.30 km26 m8.7%
R3003.81 km-92 m-1.6%
Loopy3.67 km-111 m-1.9%
Lemoenkloof Rd Climb1.47 km92 m6.3%
Pinecone - Paarl Trails2.38 km-163 m-6.9%
Flow section down0.60 km-72 m-10.7%
Last Contour1.70 km-83 m-2.6%
Superbowl - Paarl Trails4.64 km-124 m-2.2%
Switchbacks1.85 km-68 m-3.4%
Stifflers Mom - Paarl Trails0.81 km-70 m-8.5%