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SFRC WHHM 2023 Route

Running Route

12.99 mi
2,323 ft
Created By
San Francisco Running Company
March 8, 2023·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Full Mitchell Hill0.65 mi315 ft9.1%
Mitchell Rd Climb0.28 mi138 ft9.2%
Rodeo To Top Of Stairs1.06 mi669 ft11.9%
Rodeo to Hill 881.58 mi810 ft9.3%
Coastal Trail Climb0.39 mi331 ft15.5%
Coastal Trail Climb0.36 mi200 ft10.4%
Coastal Trail (Wolf Ridge to Lower Tenn Valley Trail)1.12 mi-787 ft-13.3%
Wolf Ridge to Tennessee Valley Descent Only0.95 mi-787 ft-15.6%
Tennessee Valley STEEP0.16 mi112 ft12.6%
Tennessee Valley (Coastal FR to Parking Lot)1.19 mi121 ft1.4%
TValley Beach to Parking Lot Road Climb0.70 mi95 ft2.2%
Tenn Valley Uphill Dash0.17 mi49 ft5.4%
Leopardo1.29 mi640 ft9.3%
Miwok 100K - Tennessee Valley to Bridge View4.51 mi682 ft1.5%
Marincello Trail (Tennessee Valley to Bobcat)1.44 mi682 ft8.9%
Marincello First 4000.24 mi141 ft10.6%
Marincello to Wolfback Ridge Rd. (via Bobcat & Alta)2.87 mi682 ft4.4%
Marincello 800m Hill Sprint (double white posts)0.48 mi253 ft9.9%
Quick Marincello Up!0.17 mi85 ft9.2%
Marincello (Tennessee Valley to Bobcat)1.38 mi666 ft9.1%
Old Springs Trail Climb0.33 mi131 ft7.4%
Marincello & Bobcat - TV to Alta2.20 mi679 ft4.5%
Marincello 2nd 400 (upper white posts)0.26 mi131 ft8.8%
Old Springs Trail Climb0.23 mi151 ft12.1%
Marincello Tr Climb0.38 mi138 ft6.8%
Bobcat and Alta Trail (Marincello to Rodeo Valley Trail)1.45 mi207 ft0.1%
Bobcat (Marincello to cutoff)0.56 mi-207 ft-6.9%
Bobcat (Marincello to Alta)0.73 mi-180 ft-3.7%
Alcon0.25 mi-98 ft-7.2%
Lince0.25 mi-79 ft-5.0%
Bobcat to Alta Climb0.68 mi210 ft5.8%
Venado0.57 mi157 ft4.8%
Alta (Bobcat to Morning Sun)0.50 mi157 ft6.0%
From the Trees to the Fork0.14 mi-13 ft-1.7%
SCA to Coastal Trail1.06 mi-223 ft-3.8%
SCA - Dr. Seuss Sprint0.63 mi-98 ft-2.7%
SCA to Coastal Trail1.07 mi-243 ft-3.7%
Chita0.21 mi82 ft6.9%
SCA Golden Gate View Hill Detour0.05 mi75 ft21.4%
SCA-Coastal Last (Last) Climb0.17 mi135 ft14.3%
T-split left to top0.23 mi69 ft4.8%
When in trouble, huck for a double!0.32 mi-249 ft-14.6%
Coyote1.10 mi-266 ft-4.5%
Coastal Downhill to Bunker1.49 mi-469 ft-5.8%
Mile 3 of GGB Parking Lot to Bunker Road0.96 mi-312 ft-6.1%
Lobo0.66 mi-220 ft-6.3%
Rodeo Valley from Julian to Beach Parking1.82 mi-85 ft-0.8%
Rodeo Valley Transition0.56 mi-75 ft-2.5%
Miwok sprint Bobcat to Trailhead0.47 mi-16 ft-0.6%
Bunker and Mitchell0.71 mi30 ft0.1%