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Cycling Route

13.42 km
214 m
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ROoT Relay

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Wells Road (A449) Climb0.64 km35 m3.4%
Wyche pt10.88 km54 m6.1%
Wyche to Sally's Place Climb5.32 km105 m1.3%
Wyche Road1.80 km92 m5.1%
Full Wyche Road climb1.71 km90 m5.2%
fossil bank ext3.62 km115 m3.2%
Wyche Road Full1.67 km95 m5.7%
Wyche to the pub1.57 km74 m4.6%
Wyche junction-sign1.72 km88 m5.1%
Fossil Bank Climb1.67 km89 m5.3%
Middle Wyche Rd & Up1.09 km49 m4.4%
Wyche pt20.74 km26 m3.5%
Wyche Road ascent (top section)0.35 km12 m2.0%
Spot-on coaching race to Herefordshire0.37 km18 m3.0%
Upper Wyche to Massington5.62 km-128 m-2.1%
Jubilee Drive - North to South3.50 km-56 m-0.2%
wyche along jubilee0.91 km39 m2.6%
Jubilee Climb, Malvern1.41 km27 m1.6%
Jubilee Sprint South1.06 km-34 m-2.9%
Jubilee Drive (Chase Rd top to Brit Camp)1.84 km-34 m-1.1%
Top to Bottom5.10 km-153 m-3.0%
Jubilee Drive downhill tt1.06 km-45 m-3.9%
A449 Chances Pitch descent1.92 km-92 m-4.7%
British Camp to Ledbury6.23 km-167 m-2.7%
camp decent 1.46 km-97 m-6.6%
Descent from café4.09 km-138 m-3.1%
up to the sign1.10 km26 m2.1%
sprint finnish0.42 km20 m4.6%
Cop Shop Sprint1.36 km-46 m-3.3%
Whizzing into Ledbury1.19 km-38 m-3.2%