Road Plus Day Two - Yeruham to Ein Bokek

Cycling Route

115.34 km
926 m
On Tuesday, the Plus group will take a short bus ride to the start at Yerucham park. We start by traversing the "Great Crater," a geological formation only found in Israel. We ride past the colored sands park and across the desert. After riding through high desert, we descend all the way to the Dead Sea. Don't be intimidated by the distance, the last 25 kilometers (15 miles) is a beautiful descent with spectacular views to the lowest place on Earth. Cold beers will await as we ride to our hotel.
Created By
Yarden Frankl

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
מהצומת לירוחם1.19 km34 m2.9%
ירוחם כיוון מזרח1.95 km30 m1.5%
אקרשטיין - הר אבנון2.65 km93 m3.5%
ירידת המכתש הגדול7.98 km-295 m-3.7%
ירידה מעלה אבנון1.03 km-89 m-8.6%
מערד לים המלח23.44 km-894 m-3.8%
הכיכר בערד לפניה לכביש 2586.28 km-256 m-3.6%
מחתרורים לצומת זוהר16.10 km-638 m-4.0%