Worlds End 4XR - Climbing Cocktail Draft V1.0

Cycling Route

180.83 km
4,046 m
'The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout. Down came the rain, and washed the spider out. Out came the sun, and dried up all the rain, and the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again' Who the hell comes up with stuff like this ... Here is some madness from 2019 and welcome to 2023
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yasas hewage

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Peradeniya Badulla Chenkaladi Highway Climb1.01 km89 m8.8%
Climb out of Nuwara Eliya2.06 km151 m6.9%
A5 Climb0.93 km92 m9.8%
Long Downhill To the Start (S4 RITJ 2017)15.24 km-919 m-6.0%
Dulwich Ceylon hill climb10.83 km545 m5.0%
Nuwara Eliya pass18.18 km1,102 m5.7%
PBC Highway Climb0.33 km81 m24.6%
A5 Climb0.57 km81 m14.0%
A5 Climb13.67 km787 m5.8%
A5 Climb1.12 km89 m8.0%
Palagolla - Labukele Climb6.85 km453 m6.6%
Nuwara Elya Climb from Tunnel to Top16.24 km909 m5.6%
Lunch to life saving cake7.48 km430 m5.6%
PBC Highway Climb0.71 km87 m12.3%
PBC Highway Climb1.19 km106 m8.8%
Segment1.03 km88 m8.5%
labookellie tea to top8.51 km516 m6.1%
A5 Climb1.45 km87 m6.0%
PBC Highway Climb2.36 km125 m5.3%
World'S End Rd Climb2.12 km238 m11.2%
Radella full9.48 km539 m5.7%
Everesting Radella Sri Lanka2.57 km240 m9.3%
Everesting Radella Sri Lanka2.57 km240 m9.3%
1333 Radella Climb2.77 km249 m9.0%
Radella Climb2.84 km274 m9.6%
Nuwara Eliya - Nanu Oya Descent6.69 km-280 m-4.2%
Radella Short Cut Descent 2.50 km-242 m-9.6%
A7 climb to Nuwara Eliya12.71 km467 m3.7%
Nanu Oya - Nuwara Eliya5.91 km242 m4.1%
Avissawella Hatton Nuwara Eliya Highway Climb0.78 km96 m12.3%
N'Eliya - Final Climb1.38 km81 m5.6%