Sunday LGBRC IBM Route

Cycling Route

29.86 mi
1,846 ft
Created By
Mark Thompson

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kennedy from Los Gatos to Teresita1.19 mi135 ft1.9%
Kennedy stop to stop Hicks3.75 mi-479 ft-0.3%
Kennedy Road - Englewood to Longmeadow0.38 mi36 ft1.6%
Kennedy Rd Climb1.91 mi413 ft4.3%
Kennedy Road - Longmeadow to S Kennedy0.41 mi69 ft3.1%
Kennedy - S Kennedy to Forrester0.29 mi46 ft1.0%
Kennedy - Forrester to Top1.01 mi305 ft5.7%
Full Kennedy - Forrester to Shannon1.96 mi-331 ft-0.2%
Steep part of Kennedy0.40 mi190 ft8.9%
To the top0.33 mi49 ft2.8%
Kennedy Descent - East to Shannon1.00 mi-315 ft-5.8%
Shannon DH - Kennedy to Hicks0.64 mi-121 ft-3.5%
Hicks Rd. - Shannon to Camden0.93 mi-59 ft-1.2%
Hicks Rd from Rocky Ridge Trail to Camden0.56 mi-23 ft-0.7%
Coleman TT0.47 mi-30 ft-1.0%
Coleman - Camden to Almaden Expwy1.99 mi-89 ft-0.8%
Coleman:Camden->->Meridian1.19 mi-59 ft-0.9%
Coleman - Meridian to Almaden0.70 mi-49 ft-1.3%
Coleman Hill0.30 mi-23 ft-0.1%
Bernal Climb - Stop sign to parking lot1.27 mi466 ft6.9%
Bernal - Bottom to 1st Crosswalk0.61 mi217 ft6.6%
1st Bernal Sprint0.22 mi75 ft6.3%
Bernal Rd from park to pullout0.26 mi92 ft6.6%
IBM Descent (Almaden Side)1.20 mi-427 ft-6.7%
Camden-Harry to Queenswood0.72 mi-46 ft-1.0%
Camden - Harry to Via Valiente1.25 mi-62 ft-1.0%
Camden North - from Harry to Redmond2.35 mi-105 ft-0.8%
Camden: Shearwater to Via Valiente0.27 mi-20 ft-1.4%
Redmond Ave: Camden Ave to Meridian Ave1.59 mi30 ft0.2%
Redmond Ave from Camden Ave to Almaden Expy0.84 mi-20 ft-0.4%
Redmond from Camden to Stop Sign0.63 mi-13 ft-0.4%
Hollis' Wallace Sprint0.52 mi-10 ft-0.4%
Redmond - Meridian to Coleman Sprint0.63 mi23 ft0.6%
Starting up Hicks to Shannon0.92 mi43 ft0.8%
Camden to South Kennedy 3.81 mi535 ft1.0%
Little Hicks Trail0.33 mi33 ft1.8%
Shannon/E Kennedy1.72 mi472 ft5.1%
Shannon From Hicks to Kennedy0.65 mi118 ft3.3%
Up Shannon from Hicks0.37 mi75 ft3.7%
Kennedy Rd, East to West0.94 mi331 ft6.8%
Kennedy 1st Half (from Shannon)0.60 mi187 ft5.9%
Kennedy: E to W3.18 mi-433 ft-0.6%
Hairpin of Death and Suckerpunch0.30 mi141 ft8.8%
Brake test1.01 mi-292 ft-5.4%
Kennedy descent1.63 mi-390 ft-4.5%
Kennedy Descent1.18 mi-282 ft-4.5%
Super Tuck +, it's all about the corner0.36 mi-180 ft-9.2%
supertuck0.31 mi-125 ft-7.7%
Kennedy Court to Los Gatos Blvd. 1.18 mi-144 ft-2.1%
Caldwell?!0.77 mi-46 ft-0.5%