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Skyline 50k - alternate 2023

Running Route

31.75 mi
4,642 ft
The 2021 course and beyond.
Created By
Adam Ray

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
baby bumps0.82 mi59 ft1.3%
Redwood Rd Climb0.24 mi135 ft10.3%
Heart rate warm up 0.56 mi210 ft7.0%
Cameron Loop Trail Counter-Clockwise Climb0.41 mi135 ft5.4%
Laggard Hill0.14 mi79 ft10.1%
Proctor Trail Downhill0.52 mi-243 ft-8.7%
Redwood Rd Climb1.58 mi594 ft7.1%
Brandon Tr. Incline to Second Bench1.37 mi584 ft8.0%
Brandon - Golf Course to Summit1.44 mi600 ft7.5%
First Bench0.80 mi358 ft8.4%
Brandon Descent3.02 mi-397 ft-2.4%
Bench to Stone Bridge 1.74 mi-341 ft-3.5%
Bridge to Redtail0.49 mi79 ft3.0%
Grass Valley stretch 0.91 mi85 ft1.4%
Skyline Trail Climb1.39 mi495 ft6.7%
MacDonald Up (MGR)1.48 mi433 ft5.4%
McDonald Ascend to the Top from Bort Meadow Parking Lot1.64 mi413 ft4.7%
Bort Gate Ascent to Parkridge Gap1.40 mi404 ft5.3%
Charge to Macdonald Gate1.09 mi-509 ft-8.7%
Willie's Miracle Mile0.99 mi-476 ft-8.9%
Redwood Rd Climb0.44 mi148 ft6.3%
Stream Trail - Canyon Meadow to Prince1.65 mi210 ft2.3%
Stream Trail - Chown to Bridge0.35 mi49 ft2.6%
03/06/10 Oakland, CA0.23 mi299 ft24.5%
French from Madrone to Mill0.53 mi-213 ft-6.4%
Stream > Bridle1.55 mi-197 ft-2.0%
Spike trail, aka Yellowjacket buffet0.69 mi236 ft3.6%
Redwood Rd Climb0.32 mi236 ft13.9%
Golden Spike - West Ridge to Redwood Rd0.76 mi-167 ft-2.9%
EBST - West Ridge Trail to Big Bear0.78 mi-167 ft-1.9%
Big Bear to Bort2.76 mi499 ft0.1%
Old Macdonald had a hill0.90 mi502 ft10.5%
03/06/10 Oakland, CA0.86 mi512 ft11.3%
MacD TH to Junction CLIMB1.09 mi509 ft8.6%
Sabre's Picture day1.31 mi-315 ft-4.3%
Skyline Trail: Parkridge to Grass Valley Trail Gate1.56 mi-505 ft-6.0%
Grass Valley - down1.47 mi-167 ft-2.0%
Skyline Trail: Grass Valley Trail Gate to Marciel Road4.38 mi384 ft1.0%
Brandon Trail, South of Stone Bridge4.57 mi-574 ft-0.7%
Stone Bridge to Marciel3.01 mi400 ft2.5%
Brandon (Stone Bridge) to Deer Canyon (MGR)1.26 mi331 ft5.0%
Stone Bridge to Bench1.65 mi348 ft3.8%
bridge to fire trail offshoot 0.20 mi89 ft8.1%
Goldenrod Trail Climb0.34 mi154 ft8.4%
Redwood Road Climb0.63 mi190 ft5.7%
Redwood Rd Climb0.55 mi148 ft5.1%
Brandon Downhill from Bench at Towhee Tr. Intersection1.37 mi-564 ft-7.8%
Brandon to Golf Course Downhill0.80 mi-367 ft-8.6%
Redwood Rd Climb0.50 mi243 ft9.1%
Back to the Marina1.14 mi115 ft0.7%