D4P 01 Shiloh / Windsor Foothills

Cycling Route

10.75 mi
1,261 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Shiloh loop, North to South, CW2.98 mi358 ft1.6%
Shiloh Park Wide Loop3.81 mi-354 ft-0.0%
Creek trail climb (ridge jct to pond jct)0.96 mi256 ft4.5%
Pond Bench to Anaconda 0.50 mi72 ft2.6%
Canyon DH0.43 mi-266 ft-11.5%
Anaconda1.01 mi-249 ft-0.7%
West Canyon Climb0.36 mi223 ft11.6%
Big Leaf Trail DH to parking lot from South Ridge 1.16 mi-318 ft-4.8%
Big Leaf DH to lot w/ cut0.88 mi-256 ft-5.5%
Shilo to Chalk1.21 mi20 ft0.1%
Pleasant - Chalk Hill to ORH0.99 mi-33 ft-0.6%
Hembree Sprint0.42 mi0 ft0.0%
Hembree Sprint to Vinecrest0.83 mi16 ft0.3%
Hembree - ORH to Foothill Park1.28 mi66 ft1.0%
First mile, lunch loop0.96 mi210 ft4.1%
Westside Trail0.45 mi135 ft5.3%
Foothill Big Loop - Restroom to Restroom - 1 lap3.22 mi348 ft0.0%
Foothill Big Loop2.82 mi-344 ft-0.0%
West Side to fork right0.26 mi108 ft7.8%
Westside Tr entrance to Alta Vista Peak1.79 mi338 ft3.6%
Oakwood Trail0.84 mi82 ft1.0%
Alta Vista climb(backside)0.47 mi217 ft8.0%
Alta Vista Bench to Bench0.48 mi203 ft7.5%
New Alta vista climb(backside)0.46 mi177 ft6.9%
Alta Vista Switchback Climb0.13 mi89 ft13.0%
Telephone Climb (No Walking)0.10 mi112 ft19.1%
New alta vista DH0.57 mi-295 ft-9.6%
Alta Vista DH to 3rd Pond0.36 mi-308 ft-16.2%
Alta Vista DH0.82 mi-328 ft-7.4%
2021 Alta Vista Front Side DH0.58 mi-331 ft-10.8%
2021 Alta Vista Frontside DH0.56 mi-308 ft-10.4%