D4P 02 Annadel / Lawson

Cycling Route

14.95 mi
2,960 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Rough Go Mini UH - Canyon to right fork0.27 mi125 ft8.6%
Rough Go UH to Bench0.81 mi354 ft8.3%
RoughGo to Cobblestone0.93 mi377 ft7.6%
Rough Go complete - Canyon to Lake1.93 mi492 ft3.9%
Rough Go Enduro: Canyon to Lake 1.99 mi492 ft3.8%
Rough-Go0.78 mi328 ft7.9%
Rough-Go to top of climb0.89 mi377 ft8.0%
Rough Go UH1.37 mi476 ft6.5%
Rough Go Climb (short)0.80 mi331 ft7.8%
Rough Go UH from Bench to Short-Cut0.16 mi69 ft8.0%
Rough Go UH (Cobblestone to Live Oak)0.56 mi115 ft3.6%
Rough Go UH, Orchard to Top0.30 mi79 ft4.5%
rough go from live oak intersection to the lake0.53 mi-102 ft-2.6%
Rough Go DH (Live Oak to Lake Trail)0.39 mi-95 ft-4.5%
Rough Go to Lake (from Live Oak) -CLIPPED0.32 mi-79 ft-4.6%
Lake to Two Quarry Outhouse3.32 mi577 ft2.5%
Marsh Trail1.67 mi505 ft5.7%
Marsh to Lawndale3.60 mi561 ft2.3%
Marsh to Buick1.92 mi489 ft4.7%
Marsh to Ridge1.33 mi446 ft6.3%
Marsh Trail to First Picnic Table0.73 mi292 ft7.5%
Marsh to Two Quarry2.99 mi561 ft2.8%
Marsh Trail 1.36 mi453 ft6.2%
On The Rocks0.13 mi36 ft3.5%
Marsh - first bench to Buick Meadow1.26 mi223 ft3.3%
1st Marsh Bench to Buick1.30 mi220 ft3.2%
Money Shot0.47 mi-59 ft-0.6%
Top of Marsh to outhouse on Two Quarry0.86 mi-131 ft-1.2%
marsh to ridge cut off0.17 mi30 ft3.2%
Annadel XC - Marsh to Lawndale DH4.13 mi-787 ft-3.4%
Buick Meadow to Outhouse0.77 mi-115 ft-1.8%
Rush to Lawndale1.16 mi-131 ft-1.9%
rush rush to the meadow0.22 mi-69 ft-5.9%
Lawndale Descent (Full)2.72 mi-732 ft-4.8%
Lawndale Entrance DH0.14 mi-52 ft-6.7%
Lawndale to the picnic table1.64 mi-482 ft-5.5%
Lawndale - Singletrack Descent2.40 mi-715 ft-5.6%
Lawndale downhill (Powerlines to parking lot)2.25 mi-696 ft-5.8%
THE Lawndale Downhill2.19 mi-679 ft-5.9%
Lawndale Powerlines to Picnic Table1.52 mi-443 ft-5.5%
Lawndale to first Rocky Hairpin0.95 mi-203 ft-4.1%
Go With The Flow1.23 mi-394 ft-6.0%
Lawndale V31.84 mi-679 ft-7.0%
Lawndale - Green Light1.73 mi-617 ft-6.7%
Lawndale Switchback to Lot1.23 mi-459 ft-6.7%
Pythian Road to Mt Hood Parking Lot1.23 mi361 ft5.5%
Pythian to the Gate0.87 mi207 ft4.5%
Pythian to the Dirt 1.46 mi699 ft9.1%
Pythian Road Climb Turn to Dirt0.47 mi397 ft15.6%
North Pythian Road Gate-Gravel0.41 mi358 ft16.2%