Past Two Weeks

D4P 03 Bald / JLo

Cycling Route

29.06 mi
4,777 ft
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Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
BALD MTN Hwy.12 to Top Bench6.19 mi2,306 ft7.0%
Sugarloaf - Hwy 12 to Green Gate2.29 mi220 ft1.8%
Bald Grey Pine Adobe Canyon TT Challenge13.44 mi-2,260 ft0.0%
Hyw#12 to before dirt on top of bald mnt.5.78 mi1,988 ft6.5%
Hwy12 (trees) to Bald Mtn Top.6.18 mi2,267 ft6.9%
Adobe Canyon-Green Gate1.97 mi207 ft2.0%
Up Adobe Canyon Road2.82 mi702 ft4.7%
Adobe Canyon to Ranger Station2.15 mi669 ft5.9%
Sugarloaf to Top (Paved Climb)3.98 mi1,916 ft9.1%
Mountain Trails Lane Climb0.56 mi384 ft12.9%
SugarLoaf to the Look Out0.63 mi292 ft8.7%
Sugarloaf Gate to Kiosk1.16 mi531 ft8.5%
Mt Bald + Grey Pine + Extra Credit8.95 mi-1,962 ft-0.0%
Good speed TH to Bald Summit4.02 mi2,051 ft9.6%
Bald Mtn - Official - To The Top!3.90 mi2,005 ft9.7%
Adobe Canyon - meat and potatoes0.82 mi479 ft11.1%
Sugarloaf Lookout-Kiosk0.48 mi200 ft7.6%
Adobe Cyn - finish0.26 mi95 ft6.7%
Mt Bald + Grey Pine Loop6.70 mi-1,457 ft-0.0%
Bald Mt: Ranger Station to summit2.74 mi1,526 ft10.5%
Bald Mountain (accurate)2.65 mi1,522 ft10.8%
03/26/10 St Helena, CA1.65 mi984 ft11.2%
Blad Mtn Pavement-Dirt Climb1.80 mi981 ft10.3%
Bald Mountain Crowbar0.38 mi338 ft16.7%
Creeper DH1.69 mi863 ft7.2%
03/26/10 St Helena, CA0.68 mi449 ft12.3%
Bald Final Dirt to Sign0.43 mi299 ft13.1%
Summit to last turn before hwy 126.73 mi-2,264 ft-6.3%
Bald Grey Pine Whole Shot to Hwy 127.30 mi-2,264 ft-5.9%
Grey Pine Dh1.44 mi-879 ft-11.5%
Adobe DH - top section1.33 mi-561 ft-7.9%
Sugarloaf DH - Top to Last turn before HWY 122.68 mi-719 ft-5.1%
Adobe DH - Kiosk to 123.34 mi-758 ft-4.3%
SugarLoaf DH Kiosk-Green Gate1.04 mi-505 ft-8.9%
sugarloaf gate to 122.01 mi-167 ft-1.6%
Los Guilicos to Henno4.83 mi-161 ft-0.6%
Warm Springs - Lawndale to Glen Ellen3.89 mi-135 ft-0.7%
WarmSprings(BV-SM)1.18 mi-36 ft-0.4%
BV Warm Spring-Glen Ellen2.31 mi-89 ft-0.7%
Carolyn Day to Fern Lake Dam1.13 mi410 ft6.3%
Old Fallen Bridge Climb (from NFB to Mntn)0.24 mi148 ft11.3%
Old Bridge + Mtn Trail2.09 mi1,119 ft10.0%
Sonoma Mountain Rd Climb0.80 mi531 ft12.6%
Moby dicks DH3.74 mi-951 ft-4.6%
Moby Dick Downhill 3.46 mi-1,020 ft-5.2%
20.87 mi-364 ft-7.9%
31.83 mi-715 ft-7.3%
Lower Moby Dick 1.84 mi-719 ft-7.2%