TOM 50km 2023

Cycling Route

50.84 km
418 m
Created By
Marc A

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tydavnet - Scotstown3.63 km-25 m-0.4%
Tydavnet - Crossroads2.49 km-19 m-0.5%
Scotstown 50s0.22 km-1 m-0.5%
Scotstown to Sweeneys Cross4.76 km-15 m-0.3%
Glaslough St Climb0.54 km107 m19.6%
Armagh Road to Glasslough6.02 km26 m0.0%
r185 climb0.60 km12 m1.7%
Push to the line0.88 km8 m0.8%
Glaslough Drag 0.65 km12 m1.7%