Gravelanche Spring '23, A ride (option 1)

Cycling Route

71.79 km
1,952 m
Created By
Pablo B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sunshine First Mile 1.52 km73 m4.8%
Sunshine - Poorman - Gold Run Road17.83 km805 m4.5%
Sunshine thru Seven Hills3.51 km205 m5.8%
Silver Lake Ditch to 930 Rock Sprint0.67 km36 m5.3%
Anerobia Sprint0.63 km42 m6.5%
Sunshine early climb1.36 km94 m6.9%
Timber Trail0.34 km44 m12.6%
Timber & 71.16 km76 m6.5%
Down Poorman1.12 km-116 m-10.3%
Poormans Bottom to Gold Hill11.40 km640 m5.4%
Bottom Poorman's to Wall St.4.92 km149 m2.9%
Poorman to Gold Run intersection4.82 km162 m3.3%
4Mile - Poorman to Benjamin1.48 km61 m4.1%
Base of Poormans to Gold Hill6.80 km332 m4.9%
Fourmile U-turn Kicker0.57 km34 m5.8%
Fourmile Link Trail to Gold Hill intersection9.66 km607 m6.3%
Crisman dip to fourmile/gold run split1.89 km85 m4.5%
Gold Hill Final7.97 km574 m7.1%
Poorman to Todd's9.99 km718 m7.2%
Melvina Hill Rd Climb0.69 km85 m12.1%
Salina to Gold Hill (dirt steeps)5.29 km409 m7.7%
Gold Run to dirt1.07 km84 m7.9%
Gold Run Road to Gold Hill (from the dirt)5.15 km399 m7.8%
ouchie part of gold run rd1.32 km132 m10.0%
Gold Run, switchbacks to top3.06 km200 m6.5%
Dixon Rd Climb1.91 km126 m6.6%
Dixon to Gold Run St1.11 km82 m7.4%
County Highway 52 Climb2.08 km154 m7.4%
Gold Hill to Peak to Peak10.95 km332 m2.9%
Gold Hill Rd from Switzerland Trail Climb5.94 km255 m4.1%
County Highway 52 Climb1.54 km124 m8.1%
CR 103 descent - Old Switzerland trail W4.28 km-191 m-4.5%
A-frame Climb0.55 km46 m8.3%
Cold legs pain0.72 km76 m10.3%
Segment 171.69 km45 m2.3%
Arkansas Mountain Rd0.84 km65 m7.7%
Down Logan Mill/Escape Route4.33 km-361 m-8.1%
THE KICK0.42 km13 m1.7%
First Poorman Kicker0.31 km25 m7.1%
Poorman Rd from Four Mile to Leonards Rd.1.32 km105 m7.8%
PainMan Climb1.31 km115 m8.6%
Up Poorman, Down Sunshine to City Limit6.10 km-273 m-2.4%
Poorman pavement-to-pavement2.35 km126 m4.7%
Poorman Road (to mailboxes)1.34 km119 m8.6%
Early Poorman Climb0.46 km40 m8.5%
Poorman Wall0.31 km37 m11.8%
Broomstick Ln Climb0.48 km99 m20.6%
last bit of Sunshine descent 2.59 km-164 m-6.3%
Karussell0.22 km-14 m-6.1%
last blind turn0.56 km-32 m-5.7%