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June Bank Holiday Yellow Spin

Cycling Route

97.81 km
1,648 m
- Glencree - Lough Bray - Gap Road - Wicklow Gap
Created By
Eoin O'Brien

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Kilmac Roundabout to Enniskerry Turn-off1.65 km65 m3.6%
Kilmacanogue to Sally Gap20.65 km440 m2.0%
Ballybawn E-W1.27 km28 m1.4%
Climb to Glencree10.11 km242 m2.2%
Glencree Climb10.22 km239 m2.1%
Bottom of the wall to Glencree9.07 km246 m2.3%
waterfall climb0.30 km32 m10.4%
Powerscourt waterfall to Kippure gate11.54 km407 m3.5%
Glencree climb (Waterfall Bridge to Military Road junction)8.12 km241 m3.0%
Powerscourt Waterfall 0.31 km30 m9.3%
Climb to Cross Roads5.95 km204 m3.4%
Glencree (Cat 3, 5.1km)5.10 km192 m3.8%
R115 Climb2.02 km97 m4.8%
Sail/Cycle Challenge Aurora Hill1.85 km95 m5.1%
Liam Horner Climb0.52 km44 m8.4%
Sally Gap Powerscourt Junction3.28 km167 m4.9%
Sally Gap WW2003.02 km167 m5.4%
Lough Bray (Cat 3, 3.1km)3.17 km161 m5.1%
Sally Gap (N) ▲2.76 km161 m5.8%
TT-Sallygap2.56 km155 m6.0%
Lough Bray Leg Burner1.97 km141 m7.1%
Glencree - Powerscourt junction to above Lough Bray1.56 km124 m8.0%
Military Road Sprint3.43 km-34 m-0.8%
Crossroad to Bridge2.65 km-141 m-5.3%
Sally Gap Downhill Sprint (Kilbride) Non-hazardous if you can descend0.81 km-71 m-8.7%
Kippure Village Descent0.65 km-33 m-5.0%
Ballysmuttan Bridge to junction0.80 km54 m6.4%
Round the hairpin0.40 km42 m10.4%
johnny blew up!3.21 km187 m5.8%
Jackhammer3.20 km-202 m-6.3%
Lake Drive (part of the 2019 Reservoir Dog)7.40 km-58 m-0.6%
Ballynastockan1.20 km47 m3.5%
Ballyknockan Climb0.37 km30 m8.2%
Tiny Bit Of Fun0.61 km-3 m-0.3%
finish lakes kick0.19 km9 m4.6%
Wicklow Gap from Lake Drive13.51 km274 m2.0%
Wicklow Gap from R758 junction10.50 km255 m2.4%
Wicklow Gap - Eastward6.12 km220 m3.6%
Foot of the Gap5.14 km215 m4.2%
Glasnagollum Brook bridge -> Kings River source3.15 km130 m4.1%
Wicklow Gap - East, last section2.40 km103 m4.3%
Wicklow Gap from Carpark to Laragh8.07 km-326 m-3.9%
laragh little uphill0.90 km33 m3.6%
R755 Rd Climb0.62 km8 m0.8%
Toms Tester2.02 km15 m0.7%
Ballyduff to Roundabout5.82 km-142 m-1.9%
Callow Hill Descent3.20 km-139 m-4.3%
Quill Road Climb0.40 km115 m28.2%
Sprint for kilmac bridge Tue nights0.63 km-5 m-0.7%
sprint to bridge0.49 km3 m0.4%