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NedNed Magnolia Backcountry MTB

Cycling Route

24.64 mi
2,839 ft
Created By
gavin coombs

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
G store to Trailhead climb0.94 mi180 ft3.6%
The New New Sugar Magnolia0.90 mi266 ft5.6%
Sugar Mag Climb to Fork0.65 mi194 ft5.6%
Proper WestMag KOM4.38 mi1,093 ft4.7%
New 34 N -> S1.15 mi151 ft1.6%
New 34 + Roots Climb3.03 mi807 ft5.0%
Hobbit 3.5 to Rocks/Roots to Top of the Bus2.14 mi712 ft6.1%
4 points to the top of the hill1.45 mi643 ft8.4%
Roots Climb1.44 mi620 ft8.1%
Unnamed Rd Climb0.55 mi285 ft9.6%
Root Festival0.72 mi381 ft9.6%
Nordic Trail to the Creek Crossing0.70 mi-141 ft-3.9%
School Bus Top Half Downhill1.21 mi-358 ft-5.4%
Toilet Bowl Down Though Trees0.40 mi-125 ft-5.6%
Full School Bus Downhill3.15 mi-873 ft-5.3%
School bus descent2.59 mi-823 ft-6.0%
Main DH of the Bus2.08 mi-679 ft-6.1%
Descent 20.39 mi-236 ft-11.2%
School Bus Part 1 Downhill1.71 mi-509 ft-5.4%
I went downhill1.86 mi-577 ft-5.9%
School Bus Lower Half Descent0.88 mi-381 ft-8.2%
School Bus runout0.87 mi-184 ft-4.0%
Smooth Fast DH section0.42 mi-154 ft-6.9%
End of the Bus DH 0.20 mi-39 ft-3.8%
Back up Hobbit 3 for more 0.60 mi180 ft5.4%
Short and Radical DH0.21 mi-49 ft-4.5%
Observatory - West to East0.35 mi-20 ft-0.1%
Whoop-di-dos0.75 mi115 ft2.0%
Pungy Stick Downhill to Car0.40 mi-125 ft-5.8%
New Pungy Stick Downhill to Lot0.43 mi-95 ft-4.2%
SuperVu through Aspen Alley0.68 mi95 ft1.1%
Aspen Flow0.23 mi-52 ft-4.2%
New Re Root1.50 mi-66 ft-0.1%
Hobbit 1 (West bound)1.01 mi69 ft0.4%
Hobbit 1 Corrected West Bound1.25 mi72 ft0.3%
Hobbit 1 North Main Part0.94 mi52 ft0.1%
Hobbit 1 North Main Part0.94 mi52 ft0.1%
Hobbit 2 (South-downhill)0.68 mi-118 ft-1.2%
Back to the Pile0.83 mi-39 ft-0.7%