230618 BW Ladies Arklow start

Cycling Route

58.42 km
408 m
Created By
Liam M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Jack whites roundabout to barndarrig roundabout2.26 km14 m0.6%
Barndarrig3.52 km20 m0.4%
Potters Potter2.36 km32 m1.4%
Tap to Barndarrig RA2.52 km6 m0.1%
roundabout to car corner 0.80 km-12 m-1.3%
IVCA sprint finish0.64 km-12 m-1.9%
Beehive to Ballinameesda1.14 km19 m1.1%
Tap N Lil0.84 km9 m0.3%