Past Month

Heart of Gold Long Course 2023

Cycling Route

67.61 mi
9,922 ft
Created By
Bike Monkey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SWet Hill0.54 mi79 ft2.7%
Rector -> Tyler Foote6.44 mi-778 ft-0.8%
Jump start yer HOG2.85 mi-771 ft-5.1%
Rector to the bridge2.89 mi-817 ft-5.3%
Down & Up Purdon5.33 mi-771 ft-1.0%
Purdon Rd Climb1.84 mi860 ft8.8%
Purdon North Gravel Climb1.47 mi732 ft9.4%
Mother Truckers to Ananda1.40 mi266 ft3.6%
Sages Road Climb0.41 mi269 ft12.3%
Bear Trap Springs Rd Climb3.72 mi1,188 ft6.0%
Tyler Foote Rd Climb0.87 mi338 ft7.3%
Graniteville Road Climb1.39 mi377 ft5.1%
Backbone Dirt to Snow Tent Spring4.30 mi666 ft2.9%
Robbins Ranch Road to Poorman Creek7.03 mi522 ft0.5%
Graniteville to Gaston1.43 mi568 ft7.5%
High octane Gaston drop9.61 mi-2,756 ft-5.4%
Gaston Steep Squiggles3.18 mi-1,532 ft-9.1%
Relief Hill Rd Climb4.02 mi1,312 ft6.2%
Relief Hill Rd Climb0.55 mi295 ft10.1%
N Bloomfield Granitevill Climb1.16 mi358 ft5.8%
Lake City to Edwards 3.90 mi-1,404 ft-6.8%
Ed's Paved Gut Punch0.58 mi433 ft13.9%
Edwards to Round Mtn climb2.13 mi1,161 ft10.3%
Edwards up2.17 mi1,184 ft10.3%
North Bloomfield from Edward's Crossing to Rock Creek Road1.38 mi866 ft11.9%
Edwards Bridge to Hurt Locker Corner0.79 mi571 ft13.6%
Rock Creek Rd Climb0.78 mi312 ft7.5%
Rock Creek to NBrd via Lake Vera0.42 mi217 ft9.7%