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Lauf Loop

Cycling Route

36.39 km
505 m
Created By
Daniel F

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Old Castle to St Marks School1.42 km-16 m-0.1%
The back straight0.34 km-3 m-0.8%
Downs speedway (Southwards)0.30 km4 m0.7%
Going Down Moberly Dick0.77 km-38 m-4.9%
Lap it up0.29 km-2 m-0.1%
the Close0.66 km1 m0.0%
Old Blandford Road0.42 km42 m10.0%
Old Blanford Road (whole)1.13 km52 m1.4%
Old Blandford Road (full)1.11 km52 m2.3%
Quite Rapid1.35 km-93 m-6.8%
PIGS1.51 km59 m3.9%
Grovely Woods downhill towards Great Wishford1.02 km-56 m-5.5%
Grovely Woods to Great Wishford Railway Bridge (Tarmac section only)1.83 km-52 m-2.7%
Woko's Wishford to A3602.79 km75 m2.2%
SPRINT!0.32 km6 m1.9%
Up and Down Reversed3.81 km67 m0.2%
Church Bottom Speedway1.80 km-68 m-3.8%
Church bottom - non hazardous!1.56 km-65 m-4.2%
Avon crossing0.42 km16 m3.8%
Taking It Up The Avenue 0.70 km10 m1.4%
Woodland House To Phillips Lane 2.40 km39 m0.5%
Oude Sarum Berg0.39 km29 m7.4%
Old Sarum Hoonage UP0.38 km19 m4.6%