Past Week

2023 Summit 700 10K

Trail Running Route

10.32 km
565 m
Beginning next to the Southern Comfort Chairlift runners face a mild incline on double-track for 300m up to the entrance of the single-track “Cascade Trail”. Cascade is one of the most picturesque trails in all the Blue Mountains and aptly named for the babbling brook that tumbles over the escarpment along its path. As you're heaving up the hill, some solace can be taken in the tranquil setting you’ll find yourself in. If you fancy yourself a speedy mountain-goat you’ll want to make sure you’re off to a quick start to avoid congestion climbing Cascade. The climb up Cascade will also serve as the timed Summit 700 climb for the 2023 event, so if you’re looking for King or Queen of the mountain status, now’s the time to light the afterburners! (mind you for 95% of the field, pacing yourself, power-hiking and not going too hard too early would be advised.) Once atop the escarpment enjoy the hard-earned views as you traverse the “Waterfall” ski run and catch your breath with 600m of flats over roots, rocks and along some smoother singletrack trails to the 1st aid station at 1.8km. From the Aid Station it’s down, down, down the “Gully” trail and the “Down-Country” bike trails. These trails are mellower and smooth allowing the legs to really turn-over. At the 4k mark you’ll be close to the bottom of the ski hill, but the course climbs again over a short, but sometimes steep 60m ascent before entering the “Enchanted Forest” trails. A few more quick twists, turns, descents and climbs brings you under the Voyageur Chairlift where runners will turn south traversing some single track and then descending to the foot of “The Grind” climb. The Grind is a mellower climb covering just shy of 2km. Once you’ve emerged from the trees up the final steep pitch a glance to the right peers over Georgian Bay and the Nottawasaga Lighthouse. This is also the location of the 2nd Aid Station at the 6.5km mark. From here there will be 700m of flat & faster trails over to one of the longest, flowiest downhills in all of Ontario! The Green World trail twists, turns, banks and berms for over 2.5k at just the right pitch to really let the legs open up and enjoy the flow! Once back at the bottom it’s a quick traverse above the South Base Lodge for a final wave to your cheerleading squad before reaching the Finish Line! Phew! Time to relax on the Bullwheel Patio and take in the post-race endorphin fueled celebrations!
Created By
Bob Miller

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Cascades Trail UP1.14 km212 m18.5%
Cascade Up - 20221.02 km188 m18.4%
Blue Mountain Apple Crusher Challenge2.06 km218 m10.5%
Blue Mountain Apple Crusher Challenge2.06 km218 m10.5%
The Grind Active Life Challenge2.13 km218 m10.1%
Short Hill - snow gun to snow gun0.14 km11 m7.3%
The GRIND1.87 km205 m10.9%
ECSON Marathon Relay Big Climb2.10 km209 m9.9%
The Grind UP1.89 km189 m9.9%