VFT2023 100K Route

Cycling Route

61.9 mi
1,808 ft
Created By
Steven Reed

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
DogLegStonequarryTo700.43 mi-26 ft-0.6%
Aullwood Rd 1.55 mi115 ft0.8%
Aullwood Hill0.73 mi121 ft2.2%
Another Aullwood Hill 0.20 mi46 ft4.3%
The whole dam thing-Englewood East2.04 mi184 ft0.9%
Stillwater and Patty's1.59 mi184 ft2.0%
Patty's Rd Hill to Frederick Pike1.05 mi167 ft3.0%
Dam North0.60 mi131 ft4.0%
Quick Sprint up to Old Springfield0.19 mi43 ft4.1%
Ballinger Down0.81 mi-62 ft-1.4%
Quick Up 2 SR 550.10 mi16 ft2.8%
Horseshoe Bend Hill to Greenlee0.82 mi112 ft2.6%
Brukner's Snake Surprise0.21 mi75 ft6.6%
Ohio Miami Cty - Eldean E expFarm-cr25A1.10 mi-69 ft-1.1%
Cow Hill0.51 mi46 ft1.7%
From The River To US 402.74 mi174 ft1.2%
OS Cassel Rd Grind CT1.90 mi171 ft1.7%