Sandman Triathlon Route 2023

Cycling Route

11.46 mi
856 ft
Created By
Crystal DeClercq ⚡️

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Aptos Beach Dr0.30 mi171 ft10.5%
Aptos Beach Dr. Climb0.31 mi157 ft9.4%
Aptos Beach Dr. Steep sction0.19 mi98 ft9.0%
Sumner (Rio Del Mar to stop sign)0.68 mi-79 ft-2.2%
Sumner South to Seascape Blvd1.69 mi-72 ft-0.4%
Up seascape0.66 mi75 ft2.1%
Seascape Blvd: Sumner - Dolphin0.41 mi43 ft1.7%
Cherry Pie prep hill0.16 mi26 ft3.0%
Seascape to LSB0.78 mi-52 ft-0.3%
Manresa Bump0.50 mi52 ft1.9%
Sand dollar bump!0.25 mi69 ft5.1%
Sand dollar sprint0.26 mi-62 ft-4.4%
La Selva Blister0.63 mi85 ft2.3%
Seascape Hump0.09 mi69 ft13.5%
Sumner Dr west bound1.74 mi75 ft0.4%
Sumner Bump0.19 mi43 ft4.3%
Sumner Clubhouse to Rio1.22 mi72 ft0.3%
Sumner Los Altos to Rio0.68 mi75 ft2.1%