45+ Mile Big Loop

Gravel Riding Trail

45.41 mi
2,625 ft
This route is the longest ride and offers a challenging 45+ mile loop with 2500+ feet of climbing. Start at: 101 Lodgepole Lane, Stanley, Idaho, and follow the route to Redfish Lake. Enjoy a moment at the lake and then return to the starting point for food and drinks.
Created By
Heidi Dohse

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
FS653/FS431 Split To Joe's Gulch0.67 mi194 ft5.4%
Noho Rd Climb0.73 mi348 ft8.9%
Fat Bike Fondo Noho Climb_SR2.10 mi522 ft4.7%
Nip tuck down2.51 mi-427 ft-3.1%
Nip'n'Tuck Climb2.40 mi413 ft3.3%