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Mount Seymour

Cycling Route

77.2 km
1,391 m
Created By
WOWride Cycling Club

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Beach Ave Sprint - Burrard to Jervis0.53 km10 m0.3%
Anti-gravity0.33 km3 m0.6%
North Lagoon Drive to Tourist Centre (AW)1.45 km6 m0.0%
North Lagoon Drive Sprint (AW)0.86 km2 m0.3%
Egg Pie 14.99 km39 m0.5%
Roundabout to Brockton Point (CH)1.72 km24 m0.8%
Rowing Club to Deadman's Island0.98 km-22 m-2.1%
Tourist Centre to Beaver Lake Trail (AW)3.00 km-4 m-0.1%
Stanley Park north to causeway4.45 km61 m1.2%
Harry Jerome Sprint0.30 km3 m0.7%
BP to Pipeline1.46 km-12 m-0.1%
Empress of Japan0.31 km-1 m-0.3%
Lumbermans Arch Sprint0.26 km7 m2.8%
Through the hairpin0.52 km20 m3.6%
Ed's Prospect Point Hill Repeats0.76 km37 m4.9%
Prospect Drag Race0.39 km21 m5.2%
3rd street hill sprint0.34 km7 m1.9%
Ironworkers to Ellis2.42 km11 m0.1%
Big Ring Sting0.75 km54 m7.2%
Seymour Everest Route (IR Drive to Top)12.54 km938 m7.5%
I am not a Rick!1.00 km74 m7.4%
Seymour to 10km9.97 km709 m7.1%
Seymour Up and Down.25.11 km-903 m-0.0%
Seymour climb, shed to mushroom5.23 km403 m7.7%
Seymour Gatehouse to Baden Powell2.16 km190 m8.7%
Seymour Hill Climb - First Hairpin2.94 km239 m8.1%
Seymour KM1 - KM21.02 km76 m7.5%
1st to 2nd SB Seymour2.25 km150 m6.1%
Seymour HC - 3rd Switchback2.79 km199 m7.1%
Mt. Seymour 'flats'1.40 km70 m5.0%
Final Hairpin and Down4.25 km-328 m-7.7%
Bridge to bridge Westbound8.77 km-22 m-0.0%
GS lower road light to light2.25 km13 m0.1%
Taking the Low Road3.20 km18 m0.3%
Prospect Point to top of descent0.69 km8 m0.3%
The CH Special - Is This a Segment??0.38 km8 m1.3%
Stanley Descent To Chilco3.69 km-69 m-1.5%
Zebra to Zebra1.38 km-53 m-3.7%
Prospect to Second Beach (AW)2.18 km-75 m-3.4%
SP Descent Speed Check0.66 km-31 m-4.7%
Hollow Tree to Teahouse0.66 km-36 m-5.4%
Stanley Park Downhill Time Trial 1.11 km-27 m-2.3%
Teahouse X- walk to Parking meter leadout sprint!0.72 km-11 m-1.5%
Tee up the lagoon0.85 km-13 m-1.6%
Ultimo Sprint Stanley Park0.29 km-3 m-1.1%
XW to XW0.71 km11 m1.0%
SP 2 J safer1.26 km-2 m-0.0%
Inukshuk TT on Beach Ave0.68 km3 m0.5%
Denman and Pacific 2 B safer1.25 km15 m1.2%
This little Chestnut0.37 km-4 m-0.9%