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Square 2 Square - Fall 2023

Cycling Route

29.55 mi
904 ft
STARTS at Sam's Club Home Office in Bentonville.

Dodging the detour and starting directly on the Razorback Greenway!

PIT STOPS at Mercy Trailhead in Rogers, NABORS in Lowell, Emma Ave in Springdale, and the Northshore of Lake Fayetteville.
FINISHES at Walker Park in Fayetteville.

The Official Ride of the Razorback Greenway!
Created By
Fayetteville (AR) P

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Walton to Horsebarn Sprint0.45 mi-23 ft-0.7%
Horsebarn Sprint0.51 mi36 ft0.9%
Horsebarn to Stoney Brook0.87 mi-66 ft-0.8%
Horsebarn - Quick as you can up. 0.34 mi30 ft1.7%
Osage Creek Sprint0.58 mi16 ft0.0%
Promenade Sprint (Southbound)1.58 mi36 ft0.4%
Mind Your Manors0.39 mi13 ft0.4%
Golf Course Grind0.50 mi43 ft1.6%
Hole #1 Sprint0.30 mi30 ft1.9%
Pleasant Grove Rd to Church0.12 mi20 ft3.1%
The Leah Sprint0.24 mi7 ft0.2%
Goad Springs Southbound0.51 mi62 ft1.7%
Silent from the North0.75 mi62 ft1.6%
Lake Springdale Trail Head to Shiloh Museum3.06 mi92 ft0.5%
Lake Springdale to Thompson1.75 mi52 ft0.5%
Lake Springdale to Lake Fayetteville5.76 mi135 ft0.2%
cow patti backside0.37 mi33 ft1.7%
Thompson to Emma1.10 mi46 ft0.8%
Powell Wind Tunnel - Caudle to 4120.70 mi16 ft0.1%
Powell Wind Tunnel - Caudle to DTP1.72 mi26 ft0.1%
Powell Wind Tunnel - 412 to Don Tyson0.96 mi20 ft0.1%
Up & Over Zig Zag Hill north to south0.32 mi49 ft0.7%
Short Climb0.20 mi49 ft4.7%
North Shore CCW Charge0.37 mi20 ft0.3%
Approach to the... Dam Shorty!0.80 mi-26 ft-0.5%
Approach to the Dam0.47 mi-30 ft-0.7%
Lake Sprint0.26 mi10 ft0.3%
Dam Shorty0.29 mi10 ft0.5%
Lokomotion0.34 mi-52 ft-2.8%
Tunnel Climb0.15 mi36 ft3.0%
Cell tower to Mud Creek1.20 mi-13 ft-0.1%
New bridge to Tunnel1.64 mi33 ft0.3%
new mud creek from johnson0.52 mi20 ft0.2%
Mud Creek Junction to Town Branch Junction - Southbound5.22 mi200 ft0.3%
tunnel to poplar1.99 mi69 ft0.6%
jesco white3.88 mi154 ft0.4%
Gregg to Poplar0.87 mi36 ft0.8%
ohhkay2.63 mi138 ft0.3%
MB Trail End to Dickson South1.91 mi115 ft0.8%
Poplar to North0.81 mi43 ft1.0%
southbound north convergence 0.30 mi20 ft1.3%
Climb to Maple Street - Southbound0.33 mi56 ft2.1%
True Climb to Maple St0.13 mi26 ft3.6%
Center to Prairie0.33 mi-43 ft-2.4%
MLK to Library Sprint0.34 mi-39 ft-2.1%