Greenway Segment 2 Street Bike

Cycling Route

12.28 mi
1,233 ft
From West Hill Dam Park to Marion Drive
Created By
Tammy Bodwell

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Little Hill0.23 mi85 ft6.9%
Sutton St- Hartford Ave W to Williams St0.99 mi217 ft4.1%
prescott wee little hill0.27 mi72 ft4.3%
Mendon Hill1.41 mi299 ft3.8%
Mendon rd. climb1.84 mi328 ft3.2%
Mendon Road - Sutton SF0.84 mi266 ft5.9%
Uxbridge Road Downhill 0.59 mi-233 ft-7.0%
Uxbridge Rd (North)0.50 mi144 ft5.3%