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Southern Peaks 37km 2023vfinal

Mountain Biking Trail

39.93 km
1,095 m
Created By
Brett Dal Pozzo

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Emu Point to Griffiths2.24 km8 m0.2%
The Boardwalk Climb0.84 km39 m4.6%
Mt Adalaide trail0.80 km-44 m-5.1%
Halliman Hill0.34 km33 m9.5%
Get Schwifty0.39 km-44 m-11.3%
Hill street climb0.12 km19 m15.0%
Top Notch Pilot0.36 km-30 m-8.3%
Flying the Pilot Trail0.76 km-35 m-4.4%
Pilot Trail0.67 km-43 m-6.3%
Pilot Trail Top Section0.55 km-27 m-4.8%
Powerline Descent0.34 km-28 m-8.4%
Mid-flight and beyond0.51 km-21 m-3.4%
Rob's dirty bush0.16 km-8 m-2.7%
Sprint to Wagon Rock0.32 km-20 m-5.2%
Wagon Rock Stairs0.15 km-28 m-18.4%
Serpentine hill 10.34 km19 m5.0%
Sparkplug to Serpentine0.41 km-57 m-14.0%
Spark Plug to Dymes St0.24 km-25 m-10.1%
climb to start of descent to what track0.31 km27 m8.7%
Descent to what track???0.53 km-47 m-8.8%
Descent to what track0.54 km-48 m-8.9%
What track???0.25 km-16 m-6.4%
Cup: the slog0.52 km25 m4.6%
Cup: take a breath0.46 km-28 m-6.1%
Cup: final 800m0.78 km29 m3.2%
Over the granite hill0.48 km20 m3.0%
Pretty Fly For A White Guy0.39 km-11 m-0.3%
Munster Avenue Hill0.70 km51 m7.2%
pipe line track1.00 km15 m0.5%
Granite trail0.72 km-59 m-6.4%
AUDH from lookout 0.42 km-61 m-14.5%