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PAA CSR Oct 2023 - Baldy Epic Short

Cycling Route

43.83 mi
4,874 ft
Created By
Jeremiah Klashorst

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SD Hump0.47 mi52 ft2.1%
Amelia Ave(Foothill connector)0.66 mi59 ft1.1%
Amelia 1st Section to Stop Sign0.39 mi30 ft0.3%
GHS Westbound0.48 mi-23 ft-0.9%
Valley Center (Hammer Alley)0.73 mi105 ft2.7%
valley center to village22.39 mi3,563 ft2.7%
2 GMR - 10 Mile Climb (Foothill 2 Shack)9.94 mi2,500 ft4.8%
You Flexin' Bro?2.00 mi397 ft3.7%
GMR to GRR peak17.93 mi3,530 ft3.7%
GMR to Shack - MElt7.32 mi2,051 ft5.3%
SDSR 1st half2.12 mi574 ft5.1%
SDSR 2014 TT 4.22 mi1,214 ft5.4%
GMR - TT to Shed8.36 mi2,159 ft4.9%
SDSR 2013 first straight0.61 mi112 ft3.4%
Gate -> Shack7.81 mi2,093 ft5.1%
GMR to Baldy20.17 mi3,199 ft2.7%
GMR Gate to GRR Saddle19.46 mi3,215 ft3.1%
PTC TT: Bottom Gate to The Wall8.05 mi2,136 ft5.0%
Glendora Mountain Road6.60 mi1,923 ft5.4%
GMR Gate to ~10-minute Interval2.34 mi702 ft5.7%
RC - GMR20.74 mi249 ft6.1%
You can see the finish line!0.79 mi226 ft5.5%
GMR. 2ND 1/2 TO MBT TIRAL. (PRIMO)4.01 mi925 ft4.4%
Glendora Mountain Rd Climb0.85 mi344 ft7.6%
2.5 miles to go2.58 mi545 ft4.0%
Last KM before GMR 1st Summit0.48 mi118 ft4.6%
GMR part 31.44 mi302 ft3.1%
GMR/GRR to Baldy Rd13.18 mi1,414 ft1.9%
Final Climb to Maint. Shed0.92 mi259 ft5.4%
Shack Attract0.53 mi151 ft5.1%
Shack to Truck Trail0.20 mi36 ft3.4%
Glendora Ridge Rd Climb0.40 mi102 ft4.8%
GRR.1ST. 4 MILES. (PRIMO)4.36 mi272 ft0.4%
GRR Short Climb0.24 mi52 ft4.0%
Glendora Ridge Rd Climb1.16 mi272 ft4.4%
This is where the magic happens! If you Love her the right way!!!6.43 mi1,089 ft3.2%
GRR Climb - part 12.21 mi702 ft6.0%
Last Climb to Baldy3.57 mi1,099 ft5.8%
GRR - Last 2 miles of 4 mile climb2.13 mi630 ft5.6%
Glendora Ridge Rd Climb0.54 mi285 ft9.9%
GRR Climb - part 20.54 mi213 ft7.5%
TT Section last 2.5 mile to Cow Saddle2.43 mi115 ft0.5%
B's sprint0.50 mi-46 ft-0.2%
Village Drop.0.41 mi-154 ft-7.1%
Stoddard sprint ~0.27 mi59 ft2.3%
Barrett - Hogback0.11 mi66 ft11.1%
Supertuck!1.64 mi-761 ft-8.8%
Power Down1.12 mi-167 ft-2.8%
Live Oak Uphill Sprint 0.30 mi52 ft3.1%
B-Line/F-Hill to San Dimas Cyn Sprint0.23 mi-26 ft-1.3%