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Part 5 Across London Visual Marathon - Limehouse DLR to the Tower of London 4.8 Km

Running Route

4.88 km
20 m
Welcome to Part 5 of the Across London Visual Marathon that goes from Limehouse in Docklands to the Tower of London in the City of London past cityscapes, Riverside views, Dockside views and some historic London sights. - a distance of about 4.8 KM.

In this video, I will show you what the run looks like as if you were doing it at over 30 KPH, how to access all the information you will need to do this self-guided photo run as if London were beside you, showing you the way, telling you about the area.
And finally, I will show you how to use the virtual guide tour and the photo gallery to get to know the sights and some of their history.

London Photorun is here to help you purposefully explore and connect with what is around you with all your senses - so that you get a greater sense of knowing London. This is one of 50 Photoruns in London/

The Across London Visual Marathon comprises 14 short parts that start at the Thames Barrier (in east London and end here at Hyde Park Corner in the West End.
Created By
Philip Carey

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
narrow st to stairs around ke7 park2.34 km-6 m-0.0%
Steps to steps2.13 km-5 m-0.1%
Keepier Wharf to Edward VII Sprint0.42 km-6 m-0.5%
Narrow St to King Edwards0.41 km-7 m-0.5%
Wapping Rtn (2.6km)2.61 km-5 m-0.1%
Basin and Canal1.40 km-5 m-0.0%
Shadwell Basin to Hermitage Basin1.67 km6 m0.0%
M-Train Canal 800m Heading West0.62 km2 m0.2%
Shadwell basin west0.43 km-2 m-0.0%
Basin 20.33 km3 m0.5%
Shadwell Basin Backstraight Sprint (240m)0.24 km1 m0.1%
Basin to Stairs0.91 km-3 m-0.1%
Ravens 1k Back0.95 km-3 m-0.2%
basin to basin incl stairs1.09 km-5 m-0.1%
800m Canal Interval going West0.80 km-4 m-0.2%
Tobacco Dock West0.32 km1 m0.3%
400m Canal Interval West0.36 km-1 m-0.4%
Canal 20.40 km-4 m-0.9%
M-Train Canal 400m Heading West0.42 km-1 m-0.1%
St Katherine's Way full climb0.25 km9 m2.4%
St Katharines way north (short)0.19 km6 m3.0%