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Peak Weekender Saturday 3000

Cycling Route

125.4 km
3,025 m
Start/finish at the Eyre Arms in Calver
Created By
Chris Myhill

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
most of froggat5.53 km225 m4.0%
Fumkin Nyowm 1.28 km71 m5.5%
Moorlands Lane to Top3.40 km156 m4.6%
A625 Half Climb0.71 km32 m4.3%
Turn the screw0.30 km18 m6.0%
Abney to Gate6.80 km247 m3.6%
GF road climb 11.67 km97 m5.8%
ist left0.83 km57 m6.8%
Great Hucklow Wood1.16 km-69 m-5.9%
Pindale slog1.31 km64 m4.9%
Ooossshhh #33 Winnats Pass2.33 km226 m9.7%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No33 Winnats Pass1.71 km196 m11.5%
OFFICIAL 100 Climbs - NO33 Winnats Pass1.84 km209 m11.4%
Winnats Pass0.95 km124 m12.9%
Winnats0.43 km83 m16.6%
Winnats Sprint0.34 km20 m5.9%
rushup down3.06 km-179 m-5.8%
ECCLES PIKE - where it really hurts.0.53 km38 m7.2%
Factory to Cheshire sign1.08 km86 m7.9%
Up to Reddish Lane0.35 km26 m7.5%
A Semi....Windgather1.13 km83 m7.3%
Windgather & Goyt Valley10.07 km205 m1.5%
KettlesHulme to the Cat11.91 km247 m2.1%
Sidewinder0.81 km65 m7.9%
Pym Chair DH to Errwood3.14 km-179 m-5.4%
Just Going Down The Street to Errwood2.29 km-172 m-7.4%
Little ripper0.48 km-29 m-6.0%
Let it rip and see your life flash before you1.55 km-103 m-6.6%
Street Trap0.67 km-15 m-1.5%
Goyt Valley Bridge to Cat5.63 km239 m4.2%
Short climb to cattle grid2.83 km86 m3.0%
Final corner up to just before the cattle grid0.53 km22 m4.1%
nearly there 0.32 km14 m4.2%
Derbyshire Bridge To A5371.53 km88 m5.7%
fly down to the forest1.70 km-122 m-7.2%
Run Rabbit Run0.33 km-7 m-2.2%
Rose & Crown to Burntcliff Top2.12 km69 m3.1%
Hammer Time!0.33 km12 m1.0%
crowdecote to crossroad1.53 km115 m7.5%
S bend only0.45 km43 m9.5%
Royal Oak to A5150.48 km18 m1.5%
Miller's Dale to Litton turn2.82 km65 m2.0%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No30 Monsal Head0.46 km58 m12.4%
MONSAL - SECTOR 30.13 km19 m14.4%
Lets get out of Great Longstone4.15 km163 m2.1%
Longstone Edge hill climb OFFICIAL1.86 km134 m7.2%
Cattle Grid to the Top1.31 km68 m5.1%
LONGSTONE EDGE - SECTOR 30.31 km17 m5.3%
Cattle grid sprint0.55 km11 m2.0%
Dash out of Eyam0.79 km-6 m-0.8%