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Peak Weekender Sunday

Cycling Route

101.04 km
2,241 m
Cafe stop at Stone Centre
Created By
Chris Myhill

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Carver first kick0.54 km29 m5.3%
Calver to Bakewell7.06 km-79 m-0.2%
Calver to Hassop2.94 km62 m1.0%
Calver Climb1.23 km63 m5.1%
The Power Mile1.65 km-50 m-2.2%
Hassop to the cafe1.74 km-14 m-0.6%
Hassop Station to Bakewell1.10 km-15 m-0.7%
Blast to the bridge0.97 km-22 m-2.2%
Out of Bakewell0.64 km55 m8.5%
Fast haddon2.48 km-60 m-2.3%
Down Conksbury0.90 km-48 m-4.9%
Short up Back lane0.37 km24 m6.3%
Conksbury Lane towards Youlgrave1.10 km6 m0.2%
Alport0.69 km41 m6.0%
Moor Lane1.59 km54 m1.7%
Get it up for the horney cows0.77 km44 m5.6%
Fast Rise0.32 km10 m3.2%
Last Bend to B50560.73 km10 m0.8%
Final push out of Bradbourne 0.39 km9 m2.3%
Hognaston down2.00 km-101 m-4.2%
Turlowfields Lane climb 0.95 km54 m5.5%
Up Turlowfields from Furlong0.84 km23 m2.2%
Blackwall Lane1.70 km25 m0.5%
West End Climb0.37 km35 m9.4%
Hill all the way1.08 km98 m9.1%
Brassington Lane0.81 km61 m7.6%
Hard as Brass 0.49 km49 m9.9%
if in doubt all out0.33 km-9 m-2.2%
Sandhell Sprint0.97 km-28 m-2.8%
Great Descent, but scary finish!1.22 km-87 m-6.9%
Le' A6 Chicane 0.21 km-2 m-0.8%
Whatstandwell to Holloway2.24 km104 m4.6%
Holloway Hell0.54 km48 m8.8%
Mrs Maycock's mound0.39 km47 m11.9%
phone box sprint0.37 km-10 m-2.1%
Littlemoor lane1.60 km88 m5.5%
Race 2 the Gate0.75 km13 m1.0%
Foxholes Lane Killer Climb0.68 km65 m9.4%
(Steep section) foxhole Ln0.23 km36 m15.2%
Jaggers Lane1.09 km-17 m-1.6%
Flash sprint.1.13 km15 m0.9%
Blast Along the B60122.52 km12 m0.2%
Chatsworth north0.99 km52 m5.2%
The Duke's Grid to Grid North1.81 km30 m0.1%
Chatsworth: Grid to Peak North0.68 km30 m4.3%
Chatsworth,Last bend to Cattle grid0.26 km-3 m-0.8%
R8 - Bubnell Bramley Bangers1.03 km109 m10.6%
Charge to Calver1.23 km-62 m-5.0%
Calver Drop0.34 km-19 m-5.6%