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Kings Mountain Loop

Cycling Route

32.72 mi
3,070 ft
Created By
Edward T

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Junipero Serra - Golf Course Sprint0.51 mi-30 ft-0.8%
PV: Sand Hill to Whiskey2.89 mi269 ft1.0%
Sand Hill - Sharon to top0.85 mi135 ft3.0%
PV: Sand Hill Sharon Park to Branner0.15 mi16 ft2.2%
PV: Sand Hill Branner to SLAC0.26 mi33 ft2.3%
PV: Sand Hill SLAC to Rosewood0.33 mi75 ft4.3%
Sand Hill 280 to top at horse park0.49 mi95 ft3.7%
Sand Hill West -- Horse Park Descent0.54 mi-102 ft-3.5%
Whiskey Hill Road, Sand Hill to Woodside1.28 mi95 ft1.4%
84: Cañada to Kings0.67 mi30 ft0.3%
Kings Mt. 84 to Tripp0.66 mi52 ft1.5%
Kings Mountain (Tripp to Skyline)4.36 mi1,591 ft7.4%
Kings Mtn - Tripp to Huddart Park1.43 mi512 ft6.9%
Kings Base to Skyline4.21 mi1,614 ft7.4%
Stop sign to Huddart Park2.35 mi942 ft7.6%
Kings Mountain - Stop Sign to Stop Sign4.21 mi1,549 ft7.0%
Kings Mtn (Low-Key Hillclimbs)4.01 mi1,499 ft7.1%
Segment0.83 mi348 ft7.9%
Kings park entrance + 1 mile1.03 mi390 ft7.1%
Kings Mtn (Huddart 10min Interval)1.83 mi676 ft7.0%
Kings Mountain Rd Second Half2.01 mi827 ft7.8%
Kings Mountain - Mile 31.00 mi423 ft8.0%
Kings park entrance + 2 miles1.01 mi423 ft7.9%
Kings Mtn - Final Push0.99 mi410 ft7.7%
Kings last .7 mile0.68 mi249 ft6.8%
Kings Mtn - Final Sprint0.31 mi135 ft8.2%
Skyline and 84 descents7.45 mi-1,749 ft-4.4%
OLD VERSION - Skeggs Tuesday0.20 mi33 ft3.0%
Bear Gulch to Skylonda1.88 mi-646 ft-6.2%
84 Descent to Stop Light1.01 mi-338 ft-6.3%
secret unflaggable 84 descent3.09 mi-925 ft-5.7%
Race to Skywood0.45 mi-157 ft-6.5%
84 - End of construction to bottom2.09 mi-614 ft-5.5%
84 descent—sprint to Portola0.52 mi-180 ft-6.5%
PV: Portola 84 to Mountain Home0.53 mi-85 ft-3.0%
Portola Sprint0.32 mi-66 ft-3.9%
portola - sandhill past olh0.57 mi43 ft0.7%
Portola Rd Natural Break0.33 mi39 ft2.0%
Kaboom Cycling - Guard Rail Sprint | Stick to that Rear Wheel!0.67 mi102 ft2.9%
Westridge - Willowbrook0.36 mi52 ft2.7%
Windy Hill guardrail sprint0.18 mi23 ft2.2%
Portola: Willowbrook to Alpine sprint0.73 mi43 ft0.3%
Firehouse Sprint0.41 mi36 ft1.5%
Arastradero, Alpine to top.0.77 mi82 ft1.7%
Arastradero Sprint - Noon Ride1.31 mi-161 ft-1.2%
Arastradero Hill South 0.38 mi75 ft3.8%
Juan Bautista to Woodland0.23 mi33 ft2.5%
Arastradero Park Sprint0.43 mi-49 ft-2.1%
Old Page Mill (Downhill)0.81 mi-62 ft-1.3%
Ole Page Mill-Foothill sprint0.14 mi20 ft2.3%