R2H 2024 - Fairgrounds (44mi)

Cycling Route

44.73 mi
1,810 ft
Created By
John M

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Tip the Lady - Toma to Silver Hill1.61 mi108 ft1.1%
Mount Tiplady0.82 mi82 ft1.8%
Joslin Lk Full Monty4.59 mi121 ft0.5%
Joslin Lake Rd Climb to N Territorial Rd3.06 mi131 ft0.7%
Joslin Lk Final Climb0.39 mi66 ft3.2%
Joslin Lake Hill Climb0.28 mi69 ft4.5%
Ripp'n Riker1.65 mi-105 ft-0.9%
Beach Rd. Eastbound1.16 mi23 ft0.1%