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DE: Explore your backroads - Day 3

Cycling Route

192.32 km
2,384 m
Created By
Pas Normal Studios

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
SheepHouse Short (For Reference)1.07 km69 m6.4%
Sheephouse first leg0.47 km32 m6.8%
hall ln to belmont rd0.56 km30 m5.4%
Sheep house to leadmines bend1.16 km14 m1.2%
CM climb0.39 km51 m13.0%
STEEEEEP0.13 km20 m15.3%
Moor Road Everest Segment1.10 km94 m8.5%
Moor Road Puncheur0.44 km16 m3.2%
Denham Ln to Holt Ln0.55 km32 m5.7%
London Road Climb0.59 km29 m4.7%
London Road Hill Climb (path)0.25 km20 m7.8%
PETTS TT TAKEOFF0.33 km-2 m-0.5%
Not much left in the tank?1.92 km5 m0.0%
Brock Rb to Garstang Rd1.42 km-7 m-0.3%
Come On Empty the Tank !!!!0.50 km-4 m-0.4%
BP 2 linx1.57 km10 m0.6%
The MCT Wallings appreciation seg. 0.56 km12 m1.7%
Puncture paradise0.64 km-10 m-1.5%
CCCR...LANCASTER0.47 km-14 m-2.7%
Tank it through town!0.93 km-16 m-1.3%
light to light king street0.33 km-10 m-3.1%
Whalley Sprint0.60 km6 m1.0%
Cote de Beaumont0.25 km5 m2.0%
Slyne Sprint1.09 km19 m1.3%
Slyne Road North1.47 km-20 m-1.4%
carnforth to sands lane1.38 km-8 m-0.5%
Warton pub crawl0.21 km10 m4.8%
Warton-Yeland climb1.70 km68 m3.7%
Hope theres no cars0.50 km-37 m-7.3%
Down we go0.23 km-23 m-9.8%
Between the Yealands0.48 km-7 m-0.2%
Thrang brow summit0.50 km42 m8.2%
Slack Head decent.0.66 km-48 m-7.2%
Levens Lane climb to Church Rd0.53 km26 m4.9%
That big horrible hill!0.51 km26 m4.2%
🚲Ice cream Mountain 0.56 km25 m4.1%
Trout beck Bridge to Top Of Kirkstone9.82 km358 m3.6%
Kirkstone Pass - First Half3.26 km146 m4.1%
Kirkstone Pass (top) to pub2.58 km164 m6.2%
Fred Whitton - Pt 2 - Kirkstone Summit to A6622.12 km-312 m-0.8%
Top of Kirkstone to start of Matterdale13.32 km-309 m-2.3%
Kirkstone Downhill2.41 km-261 m-10.8%
Brotherswater Inn to Patterdale4.63 km-33 m-0.6%
Grisedale Bridge to Aira Force4.71 km-46 m-0.1%
Ooossshhh #341 Climb North From Ullswater5.36 km190 m3.5%
Park Brow1.86 km138 m7.4%
A5091 Climb0.87 km85 m9.8%
Spriint to Cafe2.17 km-71 m-3.3%
Greystoke Cafe to Blencow2.00 km-25 m-0.9%
In the Forest to End2.73 km11 m0.1%