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2024 Tough Mugu 25k

Running Route

15.77 mi
2,439 ft
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SoCalTrail Events

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ray Miller First Mile of Ascent1.06 mi482 ft8.3%
Ray Miller Ascent2.62 mi984 ft6.6%
La Jolla Backbone Trailhead to Overlook Trail2.67 mi978 ft6.5%
Top of Backbone Climb2.37 mi988 ft7.9%
Ray Miller Ascent to Overlook Trail2.66 mi971 ft6.5%
Backbone Trail Climb1.79 mi794 ft8.4%
Zimms Ray Miller & La Jolla Loop11.00 mi1,070 ft1.3%
Ray Miller ascend (entire Ray Miller trail)2.66 mi965 ft6.5%
Backbone Trail Climb0.33 mi167 ft9.1%
Backbone Trail Climb0.23 mi151 ft11.9%
Backbone Trail Climb0.37 mi138 ft7.1%
Overlook Trail Climb0.79 mi135 ft3.2%
Overlook Smash0.14 mi66 ft8.3%
La Jolla View Loop6.29 mi-492 ft-0.0%
La Jolla Valley to bottom of Mugu Peak Trail1.95 mi-249 ft-2.0%
Mugu Peak Trail Climb0.69 mi440 ft12.1%
Pt.Mugu Peak to Guadalasca Trail3.26 mi-335 ft-1.0%
Mugu Middle Mile1.00 mi-213 ft-3.8%
Blah3.21 mi-302 ft-0.8%
Loop Trail Climb0.55 mi164 ft5.6%
Overlook Trail Climb1.07 mi322 ft5.6%
Overlook climb out of hell hill1.26 mi220 ft3.0%
Backbone Trail Climb0.56 mi161 ft5.4%
Ray Miller descend2.28 mi-906 ft-7.3%
Ray Miller - Last mile of descent1.00 mi-453 ft-8.3%