32 SR 45 Bethel Old 37 Chambers Simpson Chapel Bottom

Cycling Route

32.33 mi
1,829 ft
Created By
Matt Ellenwood

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Smith to Bethel2.99 mi69 ft0.3%
10th to N. Mt. Gilead1.19 mi75 ft0.9%
Mario Kart's Kalimari Desert1.71 mi75 ft0.2%
Firehouse Descent0.66 mi-190 ft-5.4%
Old 37 - Farm to Chambers2.47 mi253 ft1.9%
Newt Fulford Rd to the Orchard1.98 mi85 ft0.8%
Chambers Pike - Old SR37 To Dittemore2.24 mi-52 ft-0.4%
chambers pike overpass 0.64 mi-30 ft-0.8%
Bottom sprint (chapel to law)0.47 mi-36 ft-1.3%
Bottom Road 1 mile TT1.03 mi0 ft0.0%
Part I0.34 mi79 ft4.3%
Bottom Road0.57 mi141 ft4.6%
Bottom Road hill to overpass0.60 mi138 ft4.3%
Up new Bottom Road Hill0.27 mi112 ft7.6%
bottom road hill part two0.20 mi43 ft3.5%
Kinser South 37 Overpass to 45/462.66 mi98 ft0.2%