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Barr Trail Mountain Race

Running Route

12.67 mi
3,829 ft
12.6 miles from the Cog Railway Station to Barr Camp and back.
Created By
Brendan Trimboli

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Hydro St to Top of W's1.78 mi1,322 ft14.0%
Barr Trail to Barr Camp6.14 mi3,520 ft10.8%
Ruxton Ave Hydro St. to Gate0.26 mi200 ft14.2%
Hydro Street to No Name Creek Climb2.97 mi2,100 ft13.4%
Hydro Street to Incline Cut Over Trail2.22 mi1,677 ft14.3%
Runners Trail Gate to Barr Trail0.27 mi171 ft11.8%
W #10.32 mi256 ft15.1%
The Spur to Incline1.05 mi837 ft15.1%
Barr Trail Climb0.36 mi246 ft12.8%
W #20.09 mi72 ft10.4%
W #30.09 mi62 ft12.1%
The Incline Climb0.19 mi148 ft14.2%
The Incline Climb0.25 mi194 ft14.7%
Barr Trail Climb0.22 mi197 ft16.7%
Barr Trail Climb2.01 mi1,070 ft10.0%
The Incline Climb0.29 mi167 ft10.8%
No Name Creek to 7.8 mile sign1.50 mi669 ft8.4%
No-name creek to Barr Camp3.26 mi1,453 ft8.4%
Barr - Noname to Bobs1.10 mi614 ft10.5%
Barr Trail Climb0.61 mi243 ft7.5%
7.8 mile sign to Barr Camp1.67 mi696 ft7.9%
Barr Trail Climb0.30 mi141 ft8.8%
Barr Trail Climb0.89 mi551 ft11.6%