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Trail26 Grizedale (Loop 2 - marathon)

Running Route

13.33 mi
2,103 ft
The course consists of 2 separate loops. The first loop is completed by both the Trail 26 and Trail 13 competitors. The second loop is for the Trail 26 competitors only. The course lay out makes it spectator friendly, as your supporters will get to see the marathon runners at the half way point as they pass back through the Visitors Centre, which also acts as the start and finish. The route on the second loop is bit more technical underfoot with more uneven terrain, boggy areas, open fields and some small sections of road. It will be all worth it when you finally catch sight of Lake Windermere. The Grizedale trail running event can be classed as “lumpy” (Trail 26 code for “it’s a tad hilly”). There are significant climbs on both the Trail 13 half marathon course and the Trail 26 marathon course to test even the most hardened of trail runners.
Created By
Montane Trail 26 E

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Run up silurian way0.58 mi299 ft9.7%
Down the Fox0.74 mi-289 ft-7.2%
Near and Far (Trail26)5.45 mi610 ft0.1%
Cuckoo Brow Ln Climb0.33 mi141 ft7.9%
Cuckoo Brow Ln Climb0.29 mi138 ft8.7%
Claife Heights to Belle Grange0.60 mi-207 ft-6.4%
Glebe Rd Climb0.64 mi243 ft7.1%
Climb from lake to gate0.56 mi312 ft10.5%
Mountain Run's Food Stop Fat Burner (Trail 26 Grizedale)0.43 mi322 ft13.9%
Lakefield Cottages Climb0.54 mi253 ft8.8%
Lakefield Cottages Climb0.34 mi213 ft11.9%
Double Deer Climb0.33 mi253 ft13.7%
Run down Silurian Way0.37 mi-253 ft-12.9%