Cairn O'Mount Challenge

Cycling Route

82.07 mi
6,243 ft
Yummy - look at all that climbing....
Created By
Clockwork H

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
edzell to fettercairn3.14 mi-82 ft-0.3%
Fettercairn - Strachan13.94 mi1,250 ft0.0%
Clattering Bir2.05 mi1,060 ft9.8%
COM South Climb2.01 mi1,047 ft9.8%
OLD VERSION - Clattering Bir2.05 mi1,060 ft9.8%
Clattering Bi2.05 mi1,060 ft9.8%
Cairn O'Mount South2.08 mi1,050 ft9.5%
OFFICIAL 100Climbs No64 Cairn o' Mount2.04 mi1,060 ft9.8%
Clatterin Brig - CoM Car Park1.86 mi906 ft9.2%
Cairn Descent8.17 mi-1,184 ft-2.7%
COM North Descent2.45 mi-741 ft-5.7%
Descend Cairn O'Mount to AA Box5.59 mi-974 ft-3.3%
B974 descent1.36 mi-512 ft-7.1%
Glen Dye Descent0.40 mi-197 ft-9.3%
Balogie Descent1.88 mi-253 ft-2.5%
AA box to Knockburn junction2.63 mi-184 ft-1.3%
2.63 mi-184 ft-1.3%
Templeton wood 3000.28 mi7 ft0.5%
cammiewood dash0.73 mi125 ft3.2%
B974 Junction Climb Toward Knockburn0.98 mi190 ft3.7%
Knockburn from Junction3.23 mi525 ft3.1%
Knockburn from Loch1.62 mi361 ft4.1%
Garrol West Climb1.51 mi351 ft4.4%
garrol climb from loch1.36 mi335 ft4.6%
Slug Rd Climb0.33 mi105 ft5.9%
Garrol East Descent2.01 mi-364 ft-3.4%
Slug Rd Climb1.07 mi390 ft6.9%
Cairn Mon Earn (AWCC HC Course)0.87 mi377 ft8.2%
Slug Road East Descent1.88 mi-289 ft-2.9%
Sharp Burst0.47 mi-36 ft-0.4%
Let gravity do its thing!0.52 mi-89 ft-1.7%
Swanley climb2.02 mi180 ft1.7%
Tewel Ford Alpine Climb0.32 mi112 ft6.5%
Foggie Brae Climb0.71 mi144 ft3.7%
upper crawton down0.40 mi-108 ft-5.2%
Catterline-Kinneff Climb3.34 mi259 ft1.5%
Inverbervie North Descent1.13 mi-180 ft-3.0%
The Climb Away From The Sea3.36 mi433 ft2.4%
from the top1.09 mi-253 ft-4.4%
Flat out Marykirk1.65 mi-190 ft-2.2%
Easthill Climb1.13 mi148 ft2.5%
Smiddie Wood Up1.18 mi131 ft2.1%
Inchbare to Lundie castle junction.2.35 mi167 ft1.3%
Inchbare to Kilgarie3.33 mi292 ft1.7%
Caterthun Crossroads to Summit0.85 mi377 ft8.4%
Catertuns South Climb0.83 mi377 ft8.6%
Catertuns North Descent1.04 mi-367 ft-6.7%