Past Month

Leg1: London to Newhaven v2

Cycling Route

105.12 km
1,414 m
Created By
Mostyn Brown

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Ponders Road Bend1.27 km7 m0.4%
POD - Clapham to Tulse Hill3.35 km38 m0.4%
Cavendish to Poynders0.71 km3 m0.0%
Poynders through Atkins... uphill1.30 km23 m1.8%
leadout interval0.81 km6 m0.7%
Tulse Hill Fly Through0.82 km-20 m-1.9%
beulah hill from lights to lights2.12 km24 m0.8%
Crossing to Harold road sprint0.25 km10 m3.9%
Trinity Hill0.42 km8 m1.9%
Shirley Church Road, roundabout to width restriction1.16 km30 m2.4%
church road up (short)0.59 km20 m3.4%
Spout hill drop0.44 km-39 m-8.6%
Featherbed, Fairchildes and Chelsham Ct Rds 7.19 km163 m2.3%
featherbed lane up3.63 km79 m2.2%
Featherbed off road - to the climb0.96 km17 m1.8%
Featherbed lane2.77 km85 m3.1%
Featherbed bump0.45 km28 m6.3%
White Bear climb1.51 km22 m1.4%
White Bear to Limpsfield Road3.55 km69 m1.9%
Washpond - Beech Farm Rd UP interval0.92 km19 m2.1%
Limpsfield Road (half)1.38 km-44 m-3.1%
Slines Oak / Halliloo Descent0.61 km-56 m-8.9%
Halliloo Valley West Bounce0.76 km24 m2.2%
Woldingham1.84 km112 m6.1%
Woldingham station to temp traffic lights0.84 km78 m9.3%
Gangers Hill Descent (To Hairpin)0.51 km-54 m-10.5%
Enterdent Road0.74 km63 m8.4%
Pound Hill South0.28 km8 m2.7%
Brown's Hill, Outwood1.66 km47 m2.8%
Dukes Head to Turners Hill4.01 km69 m1.7%
to the base of the col1.24 km-8 m-0.2%
Turners Hill N-S0.47 km18 m3.7%
Just the Col0.27 km17 m6.1%
waterbury hill to junction0.33 km26 m7.8%
Treemans down2.24 km-54 m-1.9%
Tomato Ketche Up1.85 km-25 m-0.6%
Ketches Lane3.23 km25 m0.0%
Piltdown to Barcombe Rollercoaster6.76 km-39 m-0.3%
Watch The Dogs!0.22 km17 m7.8%
Spithurst Wood Hill0.56 km20 m3.6%
School Hill0.17 km11 m6.5%
Barcombe (Lung) Buster0.14 km13 m9.2%
Up out of Barcombe0.27 km10 m3.5%
Col d'Offham Church0.58 km13 m1.7%
The Drove to Offham Road1.01 km28 m2.8%
Col du The Swan0.21 km14 m6.2%
Piddinghoe TT4.58 km27 m0.2%
Lewes RFC to Spring Barn Farm0.39 km2 m0.2%
Up past the garden centre0.94 km26 m2.8%
C7 Kingston-Newhaven 5M TT7.82 km-29 m-0.2%