Cycling Route

54.28 km
391 m
Clane, Bodenstown, Blue Door, Athgoe, Steelstown Kill, Punchestown, Naas (Coffee Stop), Canal Digby Bridge and Home.
Created By
Andy Redmond
November 19, 2015·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Liffey bridge to Bodenstown turn2.31 km18 m0.8%
R407 Turnoff to Bodenstown Cross1.27 km8 m-0.1%
Ladyhill - Painstown3.94 km16 m-0.1%
barberstown rd to canal2.58 km15 m-0.5%
Barberstown Rd - Ardclough turn off4.26 km30 m-0.7%
ardclogh to lyons junction1.82 km10 m-0.5%
Lyons Road3.21 km37 m1.2%
bridge to bridge0.47 km7 m0.8%
Athgoe Hill0.90 km58 m6.2%
Top Athgoe Hill to Bottom0.98 km38 m-3.8%
Drag to Flyover0.86 km20 m2.3%
Steelstown to Oldmill Ind Est2.25 km21 m-0.9%
Porterstown to Arthurstown2.50 km9 m-0.2%
Longstone Rath Kicker0.64 km21 m3.2%
Haynestown Kicker Baltracey3.73 km31 m-0.3%
Punchestown rise1.04 km25 m2.3%
Beggers - Punchestown2.03 km25 m0.4%
Watch House Cross drag0.88 km15 m1.7%
Ring road kicker0.28 km6 m2.2%
Mill Lane 0.59 km2 m-0.4%
Canal Bank: Tandy's Br. to 1st Lock1.45 km5 m-0.3%
Canal Path (Sallins to Digby)2.70 km4 m0.0%
Millicent Cross to Clane1.65 km19 m-0.9%