Past Two Weeks

[dcw] Fedaia (via Serrai)

Cycling Route

99.43 km
3,380 m
Official route of the "Dolomites Cycling Weeks" organized by For more informations check for the "Dolomites Cycling Weeks" program on Climbs: - Passo Campolongo (2x) - Passo Fedaia - Passo Pordoi
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Igor T
May 24, 2014·Public

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Sompunt SPRINT0.93 km50 m5.2%
Passo Campolongo from Gerben's stop11.54 km492 m4.3%
Strada Statale 244 Climb1.24 km39 m3.0%
From Pizzaria to home (only drunk rides count)0.77 km11 m1.3%
SP244 Climb0.35 km8 m0.4%
CAMPOLONGO (Corvara) / www.pirenaica.com6.03 km354 m5.9%
Passo Campolongo da Villa Eden5.85 km361 m6.2%
Passo di Campolongo from Corvara5.63 km330 m5.9%
HTFU Campolongo4.47 km261 m5.8%
campolongo da la perla5.16 km290 m5.6%
SP244 Climb0.55 km47 m8.5%
SP244 Climb0.85 km85 m9.9%
Passo Campolongo Climb0.38 km109 m28.4%
Campolongo DH3.61 km-281 m-7.7%
Località Retiz Climb0.77 km28 m2.1%
Pian di Salesei DH3.76 km-270 m-6.3%
Località Sorarù Climb1.80 km108 m6.0%
Sottoguda da Rocca Pietore4.09 km181 m4.4%
Canyon2.56 km166 m6.5%
Strada Statale 641 Climb0.90 km125 m13.8%
Fedaia hard5.53 km594 m10.7%
fedaia crono dolomiti 20125.56 km598 m10.8%
Malga ciapela-Passo Fedaia5.28 km570 m10.8%
fedaia tratto cronometrato4.72 km513 m10.9%
Località Ciamp De Lobbia Climb0.98 km90 m9.1%
Passo Fedaia Descent (west)12.74 km-571 m-4.4%
Fedaia - Canazei DH8.85 km-552 m-6.2%
Passo Pordoi (da Canazei)11.70 km776 m6.6%
Passo Pordoi da Canazei (Rotonda-Vetta)11.91 km775 m6.5%
First 9 km of Passo Pordoi8.87 km594 m6.7%
passo pordoi fino lupo bianco4.36 km261 m6.0%
PASSO PORDOI from Canazei11.70 km740 m6.3%
Canazei- bivio Sella-Pordoi5.49 km339 m6.2%
PASSO PORDOI from Canazei (after 1st curve). Arrivo Giro del Trentino 201211.00 km620 m5.6%
Streda Del Pordoi Climb2.08 km188 m8.9%
SS48 Twist1.15 km127 m10.9%
Località Pian Frataces Climb1.70 km111 m6.5%
Passo Pordoi from Strada del Sella6.14 km401 m6.5%
Crono giro polonia5.27 km343 m6.5%
Passo Pordoi from Sella/Canazei Crossing6.04 km400 m6.6%
Strada Statale N. 48 Climb1.39 km102 m7.3%
Strada Del Pordoi, 100 Climb1.40 km102 m6.8%
Discesa P.Pordoi-Arabba9.12 km-630 m-6.9%
Pordoi - Arabba downhill8.36 km-614 m-7.3%
Passo Campolongo (from Arabba)3.93 km272 m6.9%
Passo Campolongo from Arabba3.81 km264 m6.9%
Arabba Campolongo senza soste3.21 km240 m7.5%
Passo Campolongo to Corvara5.31 km-299 m-5.6%
Campolongo-Badia Downhill13.07 km-518 m-4.0%
corvara-badia6.92 km-189 m-2.7%