Past Month

Grizzly Peak

Cycling Route

15.87 mi
1,783 ft
Created By
Vincent B

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Spruce St: Glen to Marin0.65 mi243 ft7.1%
Spruce-Grizz-Marin Interval2.32 mi656 ft5.3%
Spruce St from Summer St1.52 mi495 ft6.1%
Spruce from Summer to Cragmont Elem0.62 mi246 ft7.5%
Spruce: Summer to Centennial3.82 mi932 ft4.6%
Spruce & Grizz, Summer to Peak5.26 mi1,293 ft4.6%
LA to Marin0.37 mi131 ft6.6%
spruce (los angeles - grizzly peak blvd)1.31 mi381 ft5.5%
Spruce St - Los Angeles to Water Fountain1.30 mi367 ft5.3%
Marin to the Park0.54 mi135 ft4.7%
Spruce Sprint (Marin to Grizzly)0.90 mi253 ft5.3%
Spruce: Montrose -> GrizzlyPk0.72 mi194 ft5.0%
Dorothy Bolte Park to Reservoir0.43 mi125 ft5.5%
The park to the finish0.41 mi121 ft5.5%
spruce sprint0.23 mi56 ft4.4%
winner0.21 mi49 ft4.3%
Top of Spruce Sprint0.20 mi52 ft4.9%
Grizzly Peak from Wildcat Canyon to Shasta Rd1.39 mi-1,657 ft-0.0%
Spruce and Grizz to Summit3.81 mi833 ft4.1%
Grizzly Opening Humps (Spruce to Creston)0.29 mi98 ft6.3%
Grizzly Peak from Spruce to Tunnel7.71 mi830 ft1.5%
Grizzly Peak - Spruce to Centennial2.30 mi417 ft3.4%
Grizzly Peak Marin to Summit3.06 mi692 ft4.3%
Chamberlain Rd Climb0.78 mi187 ft4.5%
Grizzly Peak from Shasta to summit2.23 mi594 ft5.0%
Bottom of Shasta dip to Centennial0.74 mi174 ft4.4%
Grizzly Peak from Centennial to Viewpoint1.40 mi400 ft5.4%
Grizzly Peak (Centennial -> Skyline)5.37 mi407 ft0.6%
Centennial to rock wall1.08 mi328 ft5.7%
Grizzly climb around the bend0.25 mi75 ft5.4%
Top of Grizzly sprint0.48 mi118 ft4.6%
EB Ratz Sprint0.53 mi112 ft3.5%
Grizzly Peak Descent Lomas Contadas to Claremont1.07 mi-328 ft-5.8%
grizzly peak descent0.51 mi-180 ft-6.7%
Grizzly0.18 mi43 ft4.4%
Grizzly Peak from Claremont to Skyline2.41 mi141 ft0.8%
Grizzly - Claremont/Fish Ranch to Lookout0.36 mi89 ft4.6%
GPC Tuesday Sprint KOM Hillock #2 (Approaching Tunnel)0.71 mi89 ft2.4%
little grizzly bump0.32 mi59 ft3.5%
Missing Link Drop (Part 1)4.38 mi-1,086 ft-4.7%
First half of Tunnel Road 2.04 mi-525 ft-4.9%
Down Tunnel3.16 mi-768 ft-4.6%
Second half of Tunnel Road1.04 mi-269 ft-4.6%
Tunnel straightaway0.27 mi-69 ft-4.7%
Ashby Descent0.57 mi-108 ft-3.6%
Tunnel Descent - Firestorm to Domingo0.70 mi-194 ft-5.2%
Fraternity Row - NB0.78 mi56 ft1.3%
Maxwell's Sprint0.26 mi20 ft0.5%
Greek Theater Sprint NB0.24 mi20 ft1.6%
Hearst - Cory Hall to Spruce0.41 mi-138 ft-6.3%