Past Week

TDG16 full route

Cycling Route

415.11 km
6,332 m
Created By
Rhys Bebb

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Castle Corner0.49 km-7 m-1.3%
Cathedral road north sprint1.07 km3 m0.2%
A4119 Western Ave to Fairwater Rd0.51 km13 m2.5%
BBC to Danescourt Roundabout0.92 km-10 m-1.0%
Llantrisant Rd slog: BBC to Radyr Roundabout2.00 km28 m1.2%
Danescourt hill0.61 km18 m3.0%
llantrisant rd drag0.52 km-6 m-0.2%
Llantrisant hill repeat1.13 km40 m3.5%
Llantrisant Rd Descent0.96 km-53 m-5.5%
Bang past the camera0.24 km8 m3.2%
9km to the Valleys8.94 km141 m1.6%
Royal Glamorgan Sprint (north)0.85 km5 m0.5%
Up the Rhigos9.15 km349 m3.8%
Rhigos - whole thing - Treherbert to Hirwaun11.92 km315 m0.3%
Rhigos bottom section2.13 km112 m5.3%
Rhigos Climb after 1st Hairpin4.62 km256 m5.5%
Rhigos descent (Treherbert)4.97 km-268 m-5.4%
Fast And Very Windy1.38 km-88 m-6.4%
Penderyn Climb - whole thing10.04 km197 m2.0%
Top part of A40591.87 km73 m3.9%
A40 roundabout to sliproad1.15 km12 m0.1%
Lock to Talybont on Usk6.17 km33 m0.0%
Pencelli Climb0.21 km11 m5.1%
Llanganidr footy to Dardy turnoff5.62 km-43 m-0.6%
llangynidr to canal bridge2.93 km12 m0.1%
Bridge End Inn Climb0.33 km22 m6.4%
glangrwyney to aber4.52 km-31 m-0.1%
Pen y Fal climb from gatehouse1.74 km111 m6.4%
head down arse up0.97 km-3 m-0.0%
A40 to Kerne Bridge2.95 km28 m0.1%
Coughton Corner to Prince of Wales2.39 km27 m1.1%
Coughton corner to Vine Tree Inn II (without the 60kmph KOM)1.24 km24 m1.7%
Prince Of Wales lump0.50 km9 m1.8%
Brampton St0.32 km24 m7.4%
Brampton St/Rd Climb0.65 km35 m5.4%
The Grove Climb2.25 km84 m3.7%
Bridge >> Brampton Abbotts1.45 km-23 m-0.2%
The Parks Climb1.42 km90 m6.3%
Capler Wood to Fownhope2.40 km-71 m-2.6%
Capler Wood Exit Hill0.46 km26 m5.3%
spot-on 2 mile effort3.57 km8 m0.2%
Sudbury Avenue Climb0.68 km141 m20.8%
Whitecross Sprint!0.71 km3 m0.2%
B4348 Climb1.75 km83 m4.7%
Gospel Pass from Hay8.80 km458 m5.0%
Tack Wood Climb1.02 km114 m11.1%
Grid 2 Car park (gospel) 2.26 km186 m8.2%
Priory descent9.10 km-100 m-1.0%
go hard to go home0.80 km-60 m-7.5%
SPRINT!! 0.17 km-9 m-5.3%