Past Month

El Medano

Cycling Route

45.08 km
728 m
Take your swimwear and some euros to try the local tapas bars here. This route is for ocean lovers but can be a bit windy, though.
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Bike4youtenerife / Bike Rental Tenerife .

Route and Elevation


NameDistanceElev. Diff.Avg. Grade
Calle Siete Islas Climb0.73 km101 m13.7%
Calle Laderas del Espejo Climb0.35 km93 m26.1%
Los Cristianos - Guaza (rotonda)3.78 km150 m2.3%
CCA06710669Ascenso Montaña de Guaza desde Los Cristianos2.54 km137 m5.4%
Los Cristianos - Los Abrigos13.61 km-180 m-0.1%
Los Cristianos - cruce Guargacho8.77 km162 m1.3%
Los Cristianos - El Médano (1º cruce)19.05 km-192 m-0.1%
Los Cristianos - Rotonda Las Chafiras10.51 km160 m1.0%
Camino Real Llano Azul Climb2.37 km137 m5.8%
TF 655 Minisprint Uphill1.06 km56 m5.3%
Los Cristianos to Chafiras7.34 km90 m0.4%
Los Christianos to El Medano18.47 km-194 m-0.4%
CCA06690561 Mtña de Guaza a las Chafiras8.15 km-84 m-0.4%
Guaza - La Reina2.05 km50 m2.5%
Chafiras - Guaza6.48 km69 m0.3%
Guaza-PLR1.02 km43 m4.0%
La Reina - Oroteanda2.74 km-52 m-0.5%
oro - chafiras0.72 km-25 m-3.5%
chafira gasolinera1.52 km-15 m-0.4%
u9.44 km-132 m-1.0%
Los Abrigos - El Médano5.09 km-20 m-0.3%
Los Abrigos_MédanoSurfclub4.41 km-18 m-0.4%
el mèdano0.95 km45 m4.6%
tf643-5km-west5.13 km-14 m-0.0%
El Médano-Los Abrigos (shorter version)4.77 km-21 m-0.1%
La Tejita-Los Abrigos4.75 km-15 m-0.0%
Los Abrigos uphill sprint0.23 km10 m4.1%
TF65 Súbida2.56 km106 m4.1%
Los Abigos rise1.00 km31 m3.1%
TF 655 Sprint4.81 km-66 m-0.5%
TF 655 Mini Srint0.99 km-21 m-2.1%
Guaza Climb 6621.30 km60 m4.5%
Guaza TF 6551.30 km61 m4.6%